The BBC recently had an article about President Obama's endorsement of a young girl's suggestion of placing a woman on US banknotes.

The only woman ever to appear on US currency was Martha Washington, on the face of the $1 Silver Certificate in 1886.

More below the orange crumpled fiat note.

Women have appeared on coins (various versions of "Liberty," Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea). But Martha Washington remains the only woman ever to appear on currency, on that silver certificate issue for ten years.

According to currency expert Frederick Bart, the rules were changed about who could appear on notes when a clerk in the Civil War put his own likeness on banknotes.

The Treasury Department then came up with rules about that: the person has to be dead, and have a permanent familiarity in the minds of the public. It also helps to be a famous American. The pictures on US currency have not changed since 1929 (when the US went to small-size notes and finalised the pictures you still see today).

The BBC held a survey of its readership: which woman would you like to see on US currency? The results they published are here. Some of the answers they published are quite surprising.

So let's try that here at Daily Kos. It won't really do with this particular software platform to post a poll about it (because I might miss someone that many people like, or include someone that everyone hates); just drop the name in the comments section with a reason why you would select her (and for which value of note).

Voting can go by upvotes: if you like a particular choice, give her a +1. You can also add comments to that choice.

Why not? Let's see which woman (or women) should grace our currency.

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