By popular demand, I have agreed to re-write my current diary.
Thomas Paine was a brilliant man. 'He said"We have it in our power to start the world over."

Thing's need changing in this Country, American's feel about Congress, the same way
they feel about catching a sexual disease.

We need to change things in a big way, if any positive bill is to be passed.

On an international scale, The United Nations needs an over haul. I thought I had
heard or even seen every evil one can think of.

When I read children are being be-headed,I see Evil has reached a new low.Civilized nations from all over the World should have standards of decency. When
those standards are not met.  All Countries should join forces to make
this evil stop.I have no desire to link pictures of evil anymore to anything I write. Maybe it's P.T.S.D.
I just am tired of seeing cruelty of any kind.

Look under the fold,

I pray for a time in our World when every person can travel down any spiritual path
they wish. I pray no harm will ever come to them because of the path they chose.

I pray someday children will be allowed to be children everywhere. I hope they grow up
strong and ready to run the world.

May decency be taught again, maybe God needs to change our DNA. InRevelations 21:4, And God shall wipe away all tears from
their eyes. And there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying. For the former things shall pass away.

Until this happens, let's start over.

--So many of our dreams at first
seem impossible. then they seem
improbable, and then , when we
summon the will, they soon
become inevitable.
-Christopher Reeve

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