U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
There were probably more than a few American Bar Assocation members rolling their eyes at this during their annual meeting Monday, keynoted by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.
"Lawyers fulfill their professional calling to its fullest extent when they rise above particular partisan debates and participate as problem solvers," he said in a rare public speaking event before the ABA that focused on the historical significance of the Magna Carta, an English charter that turns 800 next year. […]

On the Magna Carta, Roberts said its "core principles of justice" remain relevant today and are worth defending.

"No person, no matter how high, is above the law," he told the lawyers in attendance. "I encourage you all, as officers of the courts, to set your sights on the far horizon, to ensure that our legal profession continues to advance that ideal."

No, individual people aren't above the law. To be above the law in Roberts' "balls and strikes" court, you've got to be a corporation.

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