For people not from here, it's confusing.   St. Louis City is not part of St. Louis County.  The County has a million residents; the City about 350,000, and downtown, the museums, Forest Park, the Zoo, the Cardinals, Rams and Blues.  The City is roughly 50% white and 50% black.  The County is 20 to 25% black and most of the rest are white.    

The County Executive for the last 10 years elected by the County is black.

The Mayor of St. Louis for the last 12 years or so is white.  

Both are Democrats.

I present St. Louis Mayor Slay's recent twitter comments:

MayorSlay.com @MayorSlay  ·  1h
In the earliest days, the influential voices belonged to Michael Brown's parents. Let them be heeded again. #fgs

 MayorSlay.com @MayorSlay  ·  1h
It is my strongest hope that subsequent events do not delay or obscure swift justice in the Michael Brown case. #fgs

 MayorSlay.com @MayorSlay  ·  2h
I have spoken to federal, MO, county officials, expressed these views and offered the city's experience. #fgs

MayorSlay.com @MayorSlay  ·  2h
I think it is imperative to distinguish between protest and violence. Only the latter warrants arrest. #fgs

MayorSlay.com @MayorSlay  ·  2h
I question many of the tactics used in Ferguson, especially the arrest of journalists. #fgs

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