The incidents in Ferguson are really not so much unlike what occurred in the sixties and before.

When the African Americans and other minorities took their freedom. The great White Myth is that via some great White Largess (Large-Asses?) we majestically handed "minorities" their freedom.
Fuck that. We didn't give anyone anything. We might have been persuaded that it was in our best interests to pretend that we went along with it, but folks took what was rightfully theirs. Probably because we were afraid we could not fight a civil war at home and defend against the Soviet Union and China at the same time. Besides we found in Vietnam that minority soldiers, honed on generations of deprivation made very good fodder and were able to save many rich, white college boys’ lives in their stead.

However the murders in Ferguson and indeed throughout the country bring up another point, a way that many elites have maintained control throughout history. Indeed a technique that armies use in fighting wars and a technique sports teams use in defeating the opposition. This is not only targeting existing leadership, but also targeting up and coming leadership.

That is selecting, harassing, intimidating and then killing he most talented males of the subject populations in order to do two things. To leave the subject group without any leaders in case a rebellious spirit should arise and also to prevent that from arising via intimidation.
The Spartans were practitioners of this par excellence, using the murder of promising Helot males as part of their training. However, they were not alone. The Romans used this technique extensively as did the European colonial masters. In fact the British were renown for their skill in this technique and ability to combine it with their penal system. But the US has used it too, aside from slavery, Jim Crow, and modern eras; but also apparently in some of our client states.

I do not even know if at the low levels it is concious or not, but or just deeply ingrained in the psyche of some of those in power to the the extent that they don't recognize it. First I am sure that there are some such as the Koch bros and Limbaugh who would do this or encourage others to do this intentionally. I am equally sure that the Bull Connors from the 60's South also did this intentionally. Now do modern day bigoted police and prison guards do it or is it just ingrained into their psyches so they get upset when presented with "uppity niggers," "hysterical spics," or "demanding nips?" I truly don't know the answer to that.

What I do know that the average white 19 year old, in an equally backwards town, such as Anderson, SC, who was accused of stealing a box of cigars, would not have been shot dead.

As this brings back memories of the sixties for me, my two tours in VN, and radicalization; I included a link to Stokeley Charmichael, someone who I never met, but whose writings and speech epitomize what I stated in the opening paragraph. We whites gave the blacks nothing.
The blacks came and took a part of what was rightfully theirs. And there is still a bit more they are owed. Ask Stokely who died in 1998. And ask SFC Hairston, USArmy, who just died in Afghanistan.  

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