Ok, I have had a hard time figuring out David Axelrod.  He seems to have been bumped from being an insider in President Obama's 2012 campaign because of some internal problems.

Well, he just opened his twitter mouth and fed the right wing propaganda machine with this tweet:

Now the right wing nut case websites are running stories like this:

Top Dem Axelrod appears to support Perry, says indictme...  FOX News

Even Liberals Think The Indictment Of Rick Perry Looks Weak
Business Insider-2 hours ago

David Axelrod: 'Perry Indictment Looks Pretty Sketchy'
Breitbart News-2 hours ago

I thought David Axelrod was supposed to be politically pretty smart?  How in the world would you send out a tweet like that about someone like Perry, after you've read something like this from the Dallas News
Perry made it clear in public statements and through emissaries that he didn’t believe the state should fund an office headed by someone who had lost the public’s trust.

He pointed to Lehmberg’s arrest just two months prior for drunk driving, which included her video-taped, belligerent conduct while being booked into the jail.

At the time, the Public Integrity Unit, which investigates and prosecutes public corruption and malfeasance, was examining one of Perry’s signature projects – the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

If she had resigned, Perry would have appointed her replacement.

Now let me see if I have this straight.  A Governor who is under investigation for funneling money from one of his state projects to campaign contributors, demands the investigating attorney step down, so that he can appoint someone to take her place, then eliminates all funding for the investigation.  Oh Yeah, that sounds pretty damn "sketchy" Mr. Axelrod.

My guess is, either Axelrod has gone off the deep end, or he's got a chip on his shoulder for being pushed to the background for 2012.  Whatever the reason, someone with as big a microphone as David Axelrod has, had better start thinking a lot harder before he starts sending out such BS tweets.

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