Saturday: August 16, 2014.

While meandering through the backwoods of DKOS, as many do, I chanced upon a diary by one: elsaf (H/T). Here is the RFD:


We all began to toss out ideas via long distance and, strangely, the thought of invisibility came to me. I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me before, on a higher level of consciousness, at least, but we are a invisible state. I'm constantly wondering if someone is a he/she, what race, etc.
Pavlovian, ain't it?
In this brave new world, there is no 3-D, however. It's a bit like living in the rural 19th century where you will probably never actually meet, but through constant correspondence, you can begin to feel a kinship with others. Not by sensation, but through a psychic connection. It's a whole different world. And, as discussed in the aforementioned diary, a whole new set of rules of behavior to be learned. It, certainly, made me think.
I don't know, elsaf, and didn't prior to reading the diary. You can't know everybody. That is reserved for a deity and BruinKid, who does so much helpful work in that line. I did appreciate a thoughtful piece on the subject of race, however, and offer it to you.          

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