I am uncertain of whether this information has been posted to this site.
Excuse grammatical errors - I'm typing this diary on my phone.
I did not want to embed the video I'm referencing in this diary because it has graphic content from the Michael Brown crime scene. I provided more information below the fold.

The following site address leads to the video.           http://youtu.be/...

- About 5 minutes 30 seconds into the video, you can hear another conversation occurring somewhere around the person shooting the video.

- The man may be another witness. His account of the shooting differs, partially, from the other witnesses who have gone public with their accounts of the story.

- Main difference between this potential witness and others who have gone public, he says Michael Brown initially ran down the street, away from the officer, but then turned around and ran toward the police officer.  The officer has his gun pointed at the young man and continues to shoot. The potential witness states that he thinks the oofficer's shots are  missing the boy because he, Michael Brown,  keeps running.

- The potential witness does not say that the young man's hands are up or he's surrendering.  However, because the man doesn't say it, doesn't mean the surrender didn't happen.  Nor does it mean his account challenges the accounts of some of the other witnesses who have made statements with the media.

- I am providing this link because I have not seen it posted on Daily Kos yet. My apologies if it is already on the site.

- Daily Caller has quotes from the video, plus assumptions.


7:20 PM PT: Updated tags

7:20 PM PT: Updated tags

9:24 PM PT: Update....It is not my intent by publishing this diary to imply that this young man, Michael Brown, caused or contributed to his murder. What happened to Michael and anyone who witnessed this inhumanity should not have occurred!  I should've added this statement in the original message.

9:33 PM PT: Preliminary autopsy report story from New York Times http://mobile.nytimes.com/...=

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