Police standing over body of Michael Brown, post-assassination.
They see no problems here.
Yes, there are demonstrations in St. Louis in support of the officer that shot Michael Brown.
About 150 people gathered for an afternoon demonstration in downtown St Louis, 12 miles southeast of Ferguson, where Michael Brown, 18, was shot repeatedly by Darren Wilson last Saturday afternoon. Some wielded placards with messages defending the 28-year-old officer and his family. [...]

Sunday’s demonstrators said that they wanted to draw a contrast with what organisers called the “other side” – those seeking justice for Brown, who have mounted repeated nights of protest in which some threw bottles and rocks at heavily armed police, who have themselves repeatedly fired teargas and rubber bullets.

The protesters consisted of 150-ish lily white residents and one Black Republican Running for Something. The Black Republican Running For Something made darn sure the reporter got his message out.
“People are too quick to play the race card,” said Baker, 44, on widespread claims by black residents Ferguson residents that they are subjected to institutional racism by the city’s almost unanimously white authorities. “Lawlessness knows no colour.”

Baker said the demonstrators in Ferguson “want to see more crime, they want to see things get disrespectful. And there are some of us who refuse to allow it to happen”.

Expect that guy to be booked on Fox News before you finish reading this sentence. The rest of the crowd shared similar sentiments about how terrible this has all been for St. Louis:
“Ferguson will now be forced to hire 10 African American police officers just because of this terrible ordeal,” said Damon Andersen of Imperial City, Missouri. “Let the black officers see how difficult it is to try and deal with the black criminals on the beat they are patrolling.”
Now that's the sort of top-notch political analysis you can usually only hear from someone wearing a pillowcase over their head.

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