Thank you, that is all.

It must be witnessed: The 'police' showed up as an invading force, pointing guns at onlookers and witnesses, in broad daylight while Michael Brown's body lay in the street.

There were no riots, no looting. Their actions were not a response, but an escalation. Rather than provide answers, those in authority offered aggression. Rather than provide justice, they allowed a murderer to drive from the scene in material evidence.

(Scott Olson/Getty Images)


Oh, and for any Republicans/Libertarians/whatever reading this, I'll let you in on something: You're not fooling anyone. We know why you keep saying 'thug', that it's your new 'nigger'. You say Michael Brown was a thug and you say Trayvon Martin was a thug and you say that is why they deserved to be put down.

And why you say President Obama is a thug.


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