When your business is killing people, it's only logical to arms both sides. That is exactly what is happening in Ukraine today.

  Deep into a conflict that has sundered decades-old ties between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine is still selling military gear over the border to its neighbor, Ukrainian defense industry officials say...
   Kiev says helping to arm Russia is tantamount to equipping an enemy during wartime when Moscow is sending support to separatist rebels, a charge the Kremlin has denied.
   But Kiev’s pleas for an end to trade ties have run into strong resistance from workers at companies like Motor Sich, here in Ukraine’s industrial heartland, where 27,000 employees build engines tailor-made for Russian military helicopters and planes.
 In the capitalist world, profits are more important than human lives, especially when your profits come directly from terminating human lives.

“Worse than traitors in arms are the men who pretend loyalty to the flag, feast and fatten on the misfortunes of the Nation while patriotic blood is crimsoning the plains of the South and their countrymen mouldering the dust.”
  -- President Abraham Lincoln

  It may sound insane that Ukraine is arming Russia while Russia helps separatists in Ukraine, but the United States has no room to talk. Our current military adventure in Iraq has all the appearances of insanity.

 And Islamic State’s  captured an enormous amount of U.S. weaponry, originally intended for the rebuilt Iraqi Army. You know — the one that collapsed in terror in front of the Islamic State, back when they were just ISIL? The ones who dropped their uniforms, and rifles and ran away?
   They left behind the bigger equipment, too, including M1 Abrams tanks (about $6 million each), 52 M198 Howitzer cannons ($527,337), and MRAPs (about $1 million) similar to the ones in use in Ferguson.
   Now, U.S. warplanes are flying sorties, at a cost somewhere between $22,000 to 30,000 per hour for the F-16s, to drop bombs that cost at least $20,000 each, to destroy this captured equipment.
   That means if an F-16 were to take off from Incirclik Air Force Base in Turkey and fly two hours to Erbil, Iraq, and successfully drop both of its bombs on one target each, it costs the United States somewhere between $84,000 to $104,000 for the sortie and destroys a minimum of $1 million and a maximum of $12 million in U.S.-made equipment.
 Paying million of dollars to blow up millions of dollars of U.S.-made equipment is about as nuts as it gets.

  The only investment we ever made in Iraq that was worth the money was when we paid the Sunni Awakening $400 million to kill al-Qaeda. The Sunnis appear ready to do that again.
  Has anyone in Washington considered giving Iraqis some paid work rather than bombing Iraq for another decade?

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