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Former charity executive Michelle Nunn's (D) campaign is out with a hard-hitting ad featuring former textile workers who lost their jobs after businessman David Perdue (R) took over their company.

The spot focuses on Perdue's short stint at Pillowtex, a North Carolina company that was shuttered shortly after he left. Former workers hit him for profiting while they suffered.
"He walked away, with his $1.7 million and didn’t care about if we had a dollar in our pockets," one former millworker says in the ad.

"All we were was people to make money off our backs," says another.

Perdue's tenure at Pillowtex was already used as campaign fodder by his primary opponents, and will likely be a main line of attack against him as Nunn looks to pull herself even with the Republican, who has led in recent polling.

Perdue was chairman and CEO of Pillowtex for about 8 months. He came in as the company (and all of the American textile industry) was already struggling and says he left after he realized he couldn't salvage the company, making $1.7 million in the process. The company closed down shortly thereafter. - The Hill, 8/19/14

Here's a little more info


Georgia Ports Authority board member David Perdue makes a point during a debate Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, at the Cook County High School Performing Arts Center in Adel, Ga. The Georgia Republican Party is holding six more debates around the state for the eight GOP candidates competing to replace U. S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, who is retiring at the end of the year. (AP Photo/Phil Sears)
The Nunn ad has much in common with the Priorities USA ads that hit Mitt Romney in 2012. From the Nunn transcript:

Delores Gambrell: He walked away, with his $1.7 million and didn’t care about if we had a dollar in our pockets.

Brenda Miller: When Pillowtex closed down, it was pretty much devastating. I don’t think David Perdue understands what happens to the people. They were running as fast as they could with as much money as they could get out of the company and just pretty much left us there hanging.

Delores Gambrell: David Perdue looks out for himself.

Cynthia Hanes: All we were was people to make money off our backs.

Phyllis Grimes: He left all of us sitting there holding the bag with nothing in it.

Note that the punch lines are delivered by women.

The two candidate’s Thursday forum in Macon, hosted by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, will be a heavily watched event – though the format has been designed to take off the confrontational edges. Chamber spokeswoman Joselyn Baker reports high interest among national media and says the 1,100 event has been sold out.

The moderator will be John Pruitt, the former Channel 2 Action News anchor. Candidates will be asked to speak on four general topics: Transportation, defense spending and the protection of Georgia military bases, health care and immigration. - Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/19/14

Yep, Nunn is pulling a play from Obama's playbook that he used to take down Romney:


It's a formula -- an effective one -- engineered by the political consulting firm Shorr Johnson Magnus in Philadelphia. Shorr Johnson Magnus developed a series of ads like these for the Democratic PAC Priorities USA to use against Mitt Romney -- none quite as powerful as the one above, "Stage." When Nunn decided to run for the Senate, she hired the firm to do her spots.

Before the Republican primary determined her general election opponent, Shorr created an unremarkable ad featuring Nunn's father, former Sen. Sam Nunn. Once businessman David Perdue won the Republican nomination, though, Schorr and Nunn must have been nearly giddy at the opportunity to replay the 2012 script. The theme is still potent. In 2012, the middle class saw Romney's policies as largely benefitting the wealthy. In exit polls, a majority said that Romney's policies would benefit the rich, and 87 percent of those who said so voted against him. A poll taken earlier this year by CNN/ORC found that 69 percent of the country still sees the Republican party as favoring the rich.

So, while the ads that Schorr has produced along these lines aren't all focused on class tension, they do follow that theme. As do the ads, to a second. - Washington Post, 8/19/14

Not a bad route to go in terms of attacks. Now I'm sure some of you saw the latest Survey USA poll showing Perdue in the lead:


A new poll shows incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal leading Democrat Jason Carter, and Republican David Perdue ahead of Democrat Michelle Nunn. Early voting begins in two months.

The poll was conducted by SurveyUSA August 14-17 for Atlanta Business Chronicle broadcast partner WXIA-TV. Likely voters were asked, "If the election were held today, who would you vote for?"

In the race for U.S. Senate, 50 percent said they would vote for Perdue. Forty-one percent said they would vote for Nunn. Libertarian Amanda Swafford received 3 percent of support.

Perdue’s lead is particularly strong among men and voters in northwest Georgia, WXIA said early Tuesday. Nunn has strong support in Atlanta. - Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8/19/14

Before you start to write off this race, The Hill article above pointed this out:
A SurveyUSA poll released Tuesday found Perdue leading by 9 points, though the poll's methodology is a bit unusual and the sample is only 26 percent African-American, lower than Democrats expect it to be in the election. Other recent polling has also found Perdue ahead. - The Hill, 8/19/14
Emphasis mine.

So there's no reason to write this race off.  The fact that Republicans have to spend a lot of money on this race is a sign they're scared and Nunn has a strong grassroots army ready to go for the ground game. So lets keep Nunn's campaign strong by donating and getting involved which you can do here:


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