When the pol is an (R), now more of a (T), and in trouble, or still in office, lay blame on any body else and wear the halo of self righteousness, oh and 'patriotism'!

Defense points to Bob McDonnell's wife as source of loans

August 19, 2014 - Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's lawyers continued to build a case Tuesday that it was McDonnell's wife, Maureen, who orchestrated the receipt of more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from Virginia CEO Jonnie Williams in exchange for promoting his dietary supplement.

The couple was charged with a 14-count indictment just weeks after McDonnell's term as governor ended. They could face fines of more than $1 million and decades in jail.

On the stand Tuesday was Bob McDonnell's sister -also named Maureen - who owned a real estate business called MoBo Real Estate Partners. Maureen C. McDonnell showed a series of text messages she exchanged with the then-first lady regarding a $50,000 loan from Williams.  read more>>>

No wonder there's rumors, also more 'family value' charges of, of her fantasies of amour with others for her. With a 'dick' like her husband, he's not just coming around now, she probably had plenty floating around of others, but the status and power kept her in that place of stature. Though I imagine, no matter the verdict, these two are now splits-ville.
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