I love summer: the warm days, the lush green all around, working in the garden, mowing the lawn, growing my own tomatoes and peppers in addition to tending to the perennial flower beds, and eating fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, and sweet corn at every meal. This is just my attempt to keep summer from ending. Maybe if I put it in a picture diary holding pattern, I won't have to think about it ending in a few weeks.

Welcome to the Wednesday Coffee Hour here at Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can talk about what’s going on in our worlds.  

Everyone is welcome to discuss all topics of conversation and to post photos.

I don't know what's for supper tonight, but this is what was for breakfast this morning:

What are you having for supper tonight?

According to BlueJessamine, today is Booby Wednesday and this is a Public Service Announcement: Self exams can save lives!


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