Would you want to be a black man, walking down a street in a small town, anywhere in America?
I sure as hell would not!

We do have a racial problem in this country! CNN, you can stop stirring up emotions by asking this question before almost every break: the answer is known and now we can move on to trying to dispose of this cancer from our society. maybe however, we will never be rid of the hatred which seems to be the only empowerment which some people ever get to wield in their lives.
maybe, we're just going to have to become comfortable with our seeming unwillingness to not hate other people.

I am no fan of police-haters. I see the need for police officers to do what they do. I do not like abusive people who have badges and carry guns. if you are one of these (and you know the truth as to whether or not this pertains to you) get some help, or get out of the law enforcement business because you are a problem, and this is what you have been trained and hired to alleviate.

I wouldn't want to find myself on a dark street in some town where an abusive set of beer-guzzlers where badges, and call everyone "Boy" or "Gal", or have these badges because they know "Bubba" or some such, with whom they attended "some "schoolin'", no matter what color my skin, but especially if it were permanently tanned.

Blacks have it hard, and now that many more whites are joining the ranks; they need an opponent: ta daaa! The blacks took my job! Even though the blacks to whom he refers are as unemployed as is he. Deeper truthfully, because they were never employed to begin with.

No; I am not sympathizing with any side: I am simply saying that there is a problem, and that we need more than the two or three minutes we are allowed to view on the news programs. (TV programming: get it?)

Well; where do you stand?

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