“It isn’t right,” Robertson agreed. “Ladies and gentlemen, we need a revolution to stop these so-called progressives from destroying this country anymore. But they’re getting pretty close to the tipping point. It is not a pleasant scenario.”
A Revolution you say?

I wonder what that might look like?

Could it look something like this?

Or this.

Yeah, being black and trying to breathe is just asking for too much.  But Pat Robertson thinks people should take up arms - cuz - spreadsheets.

According to a doctor that CBN spoke to in Farmville, Virginia, a government push for standardizing electronic medical records could put his practice out of business.

We need a revolution in this country to change this stuff,” Robertson lamented. “You know, I had a little procedure or something done. And I’m sitting there, and this nurse is saying, ‘Well, tell us about this.’ And she’s accessing in her computer, ‘Well, how many vitamins do you take? How about something else? When did you have…?’ She spent forever and forever logging stuff into the computer because that’s what they want to do!”

“Well how about me? I’m sick! Help me! Well, that’s too bad. We’ve got to get the records fixed.”

Yeah, you're sick. And damn those hospitals who want do the horrible thing of having you wait for a few minutes while they make sure that medicine they're going to prescribe isn't going to counter-react with medicine you're already taking, or would create an allergic reaction and KILL YO DUMB Ass.

One of the last times I had to go to the Emergency Room with my wife - we waiting for 36 Hours - Thirty Six Hours - for her to get an MRI.

Shut the Fuck Up Pat.



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