As we go into ELECTION 2014, the barrage of ads will be poring out of our televisions. Many people will be swayed these constant interruption of their "viewing pleasure" so the images matter.

 The first memorable one for me is a McFadden for Senate spot that I recently caught. It's called "Missed the Mark".
    The images will appeal to certain segments of the  viewers.

 Fun how "Senator Franken" is put into an expensive foreign SUV while Mike McFadden is driving a red,white and blue American built pickup truck.
  Fun how "Senator Franken" is trying to backup a shiny runabout while "Dad,Coach, Businessman" McFadden is backing up an ordinary fishing boat.

                                          IMAGES MATTER

   A sitting US Senator must who made a living by being a wonk, whether as a comic observing the world around him or as a well read policy thinker who came prepared for the position he currently holds.

 "Common Man" McFadden is an investment banker. Perhaps that, in and of itself, is enough said.

  Happy viewing this season.

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