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St Louis (Co ?) prosecutors very recently told him there is no incident report from LEO Wilson or Ferguson PD re Wilson shooting Michael Brown.

No incident report written for shooting at all.


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Yes, there was an incident report written for convenience store "cigarillo event."  This is re fatal shooting of Michael Brown.  No incident report by Ferguson PD. (Thanks, kossack Whisper)

FRI AM UPDATE - Does anyone have FACT / VIDEO that Wilson's vehicle was towed away as opposed to Wilson or anyone driving it away?  Due to the implied struggle inside and possible shot fired inside, it is part of the crime scene.  Dueling opinion in comments below.  Anyone have Concrete Fact on this?  Wilson's Mom calling in to Hannity Does Not Count.  :o)
LAST (??) UPDATE: Per fantastic comment from Patriot News Daily Clearinghouse:

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, did not file an “incident report” on the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Michael Brown because they turned the case over to St. Louis County police almost immediately, the county prosecutor’s office tells NBC News.

UPDATE: Great fast (!!) recap of 1st segment of Lawrence's show by KayCeSF:


Unbelievable. (5+ / 0-)

O'Donnell says it is now known that NO incident report was filed by Chief Tom Jackson which should have been written by Officer Darren Wilson on the day of the shooting.  Larry said one incomplete report was filed two days ago, without information about the circumstances, who was involved, etc., and further said incomplete report was filed on 8/19 with only with the date 8/19/14, the cop's name. This filed ten days after the shooting of Michael Brown.  Larry asked if a police lawyer stepped in to keep a police incident report from being filed?  Jim Cavanaugh says this just isn't right.  ACLU asked for this report.  Signed off by Chief of Police and Supervisor.  Meanwhile, the officer is on paid leave.  Lizz Brown says, as a criminal defense lawyer, that this should never have been an acceptable incident report and the Chief of Police and the Supervisor should also be fired.

UPDATE: Lawrence is noting he called this last Friday re Ferguson PD Chief Jackson's bizarre press events.  At some point Chief Jackson said "and that's all the info we have."  Lawrence surmised (and tweeted) 'Wow, they might not have an incident report."

7:32 PM PT: Here's Lawrence's tweet from just after 9pm CDT referencing his gut hunch last Friday:

 The Last Word @TheLastWord  ·  23m

.@Lawrence: "My educated guess... that the police ofcr who shot & killed Michael Brown didn't write an incident report turns out to be true"

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UPDATE: Thanks to kossack WFBMM we have a very prejudicial photo of Michael Brown a few days prior to the fatal shooting:


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