Readers of Daily Kos probably need no convincing  that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not our type of guy.  He's a corrupt lying weasel and a traitor to the Democratic party.

And he has a primary opponent.

She has very little chance of winning. I'll admit that. Probably (in a private conversation) she would admit that.  One thing is certain: If we don't vote for her and help her she has no chance at all.


The first campaign I worked in serioiusly was George McGovern for president.

And yeah, he lost in a landslide.

But maybe it was a little less of a landslide because of some volunteers.

But this race is better than that one. Because, in NY, there's no chance for a Republican win. In three "generic" polls of "Democratic candidate" vs. "Republican candidate" the Dem has won by an average of 35 points. (see Dave Leip site.   NY was Obama's 3rd best state in 2012 (after Hawaii and Vermont).

And, while Andrew Cuomo is emphatically not the sort of person I want to vote for, Zephyr Teachout emphatically is

More Democrats. Better Democrats. Zephyr Teachout is a better Democrat. She's a solid progressive who takes the right (that is, the left) view on just about all the issues.

Frack Cuomo. Vote Teachout.

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