Screenshot of a St. Louis County PD incident report on the shooting death of Michael Brown
It answers ... nothing.
Remember that incident report that we've all been waiting for, detailing the police version of what happened the day Michael Brown was gunned down in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, by one of their own? Well, finally—and just after learning that the Ferguson Police Department claim they never filed one—a report has been released. Finally, the answers we've all been waiting for! Or not:
The incident report, filed by the St. Louis County police department, contains no new information on the encounter between Brown and Wilson. There are no written details about the event. As a result, the officer’s account of what transpired when the two men met just after noon on Aug. 9 remains a mystery.
Read the entire report here, and learn that Michael Brown died on August 9 after being shot. And ... that's it. Well, except this:
According to the document, the St. Louis County police entered the incident report on Aug. 19, 10 days after the shooting. It was approved for release the following morning.
This took them 10 days? So much for easing tensions in Ferguson.

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