Minnesota congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn meeting a constituent
You're not a bimbo, are you? I don't want the votes of bimbos.
You really have to hand it to Republicans. Their ability to dredge up the worst sort of people to run for office just keeps getting more impressive.
In posts from his old blog, Mr. Conservative, unearthed by the Minnesota politics blog Bluestem Prairie, [Minnesota congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn] made light of American Indians, President Obama's Kenyan ancestry, and female Supreme Court justices, among others, in ways many voters won't appreciate. [...]

"Senator McCain's campaign was all but flat lined before he brought the feisty Caribou Barbie into our living rooms," he wrote in 2008. "Which reminds me, on behalf of all red-blooded American men: THANK YOU SENATOR McCAIN, SARAH'S HOT!"

Not all female politicians were viewed as favorably. In a 2002 post, Hagedorn referred to Washington Democratic Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray as "undeserving bimbos in tennis shoes." Former Bush White House counsel Harriet Miers, he wrote in 2005, had been nominated "to fill the bra of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor."

Oh, it was one of those sorts of blogs. Also prominent were gay jokes and various insults to the Native-American population, or "chiefs and squaws" in Hagedorn's parlance.

Lest you think this was all just youthful indiscretion on the part of "Mr. Conservative," Hagedorn worked for the U.S. Treasury Department at the time. Now he wants to be in the House of Representatives (he's running against Democratic Rep. Tim Walz), presumably because he's seen all the other nuts and bigots and conspiracy jackasses that can get elected in the party and figures hey, I've been that nuts for years.

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