The St. Louis County police officer who was last seen on tape shoving CNN reporter Don Lemon during a Ferguson, Missouri, protest has been suspended. Not for manhandling the press and protesters on live television, but because tape has surfaced of the officer, Dan Page, giving a virulently racist and violence-peddling speech to the far-right militia group, "Oath Keepers".

In addition to ranting about "black robed perverts," affirmative action, hate crime laws, Muslims, "sodomites" on the Supreme Court, "sodomites and females" in the military and declaring that the people he meets on domestic violence calls should just "shoot each other and get it over with", and seemingly bragging about killing people, Page manages to hit a gamut of crackpot conspiracy theories. He says President Obama is secretly a Kenyan, and claims he (Page) was briefed on the 9/11 attacks before they ever happened.

Ye gods, this is one of the people enforcing laws in Ferguson? And then there's the guy who threatened to kill protesters outright—St. Louis area police departments are going to start finding their ranks thinning out quite a bit if these protests go on much longer.

4:25 PM PT: The St. Louis County Police Department responds.

Originally posted to Hunter on Fri Aug 22, 2014 at 03:21 PM PDT.

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