Do sign up and march if you can. It will make a difference.

The US has been a primary source for the quicksand prior climate talks have encountered. They are slow realize their effect on the climate, and slower to make real commitments to changing their contribution to greenhouse gas emission.

That said, the tone is changing, and US government officials are listening. The thing is that making a decision that something has to be done is quite a distance from making a decision to do something. And that is some distance away from actually doing. The US appears to be somewhere between those first two steps.

That is why the head count at this march is so important. Climate is not a kooky fringe issue anymore. Everyone needs water. The folks in Washington understand that...

From our lovely boatsie, who will be marching on September 21...

 Motivating Millions: People's Climate March design contest!

This summer the People’s Climate March design contest lined up a jury panel of art, ad world and activism stars (Shepard Fairey, Barbara Kruger, Swoon, Moby, DJ Spooky and more), and drew submissions from artists worldwide to find a killer design that can help get hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of NYC for the People’s Climate March on September 21.

Not one but TWO artists took the top prize -- $10k and RT trip travel to NYC to attend the march, the largest ever. The winning designs are informing a massive, creative NYC subway ad campaign to highlight both the depth of the climate crisis facing us, and the hope that organized people power can push our governments to take bold action. The unprecedented ad campaign will be seen by millions in New York City in the lead up to the march.

Sample Tweet:

Climate Change Demands Action, Not Words cause The Next One Won't Be Biblical#PeoplesMarch

We'll be live overnight during this 48 hour PCM Storm.  Help spread the word to sign up 10,000 by Noon Saturday.

Still one of the most moving speachs about climate change.

 Urging Climate Justice, Youth Delegate Anjali Appadurai addresses UN Summit

Marchons! 48 Hour People's Climate March Recruitment Storm:

Thursday August 21st at 12 Noon through Saturday the 23rd at 12 Noon


 photo 9f344a71-a87a-45b2-9f1d-2f9ced042f96_zps842445cc.png

We are one month out from the historic People's Climate March. The September 21 March is being held two days before the UN Climate Summit, where government and corporate leaders will convene to discuss taking action to address climate change.  

Tens of thousands are expected to march in New York City.

Join in the 48 hour Recruitment Storm by registering and inviting friends to participate. Our goal is to add 10,000 new marchers by the end of the day Friday. Let's make September a game-changer for the climate movement.

Sign up here!!! --> People's Climate March

Originally posted to UN Climate Summit on Sat Aug 23, 2014 at 12:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Kitchen Table Kibitzing.

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