Eding Spending Ad.
What a lovely opposition this Michelle has got! What higher compliment could be paid than to partner her with Barack Obama? And it's probably not because Ms. Nunn's first name is Michelle.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that this ad is showing up on my computer thanks to the Ending Spending Action Fund. At least, their objective is easy to understand, albeit typically irrational.

"Ending Spending" Now, there's an ambition. Never mind that money has been around for over five thousand years. Never mind that money is for spending and, in fact, there's no other use for it now that we make it out of paper or electronic bits. Certainly nobody's even going to wipe his ** with it.

Are the proponents of ending spending aiming to go back to barter or, even better, free labor from savages or serfs? Perhaps.

After all, settling one's obligations with certified IOUs is a very democratic and egalitarian thing to do.

And there's the rub, isn't it?  Some of our fellow citizens are put off by the very idea of obligations. Settling debts with the common currency is so, well, common.  Important people deserve to be catered to and served for free. Isn't that what the free market is about -- taking free goods (natural resources of all kinds) to market for a profit?  The notion of giving (spending) in return for getting (taking) is downright demeaning.

Where's the gratitude to which someone like Perdue is entitled just for volunteering to lead?

Next thing you know we'll be hearing about Michelle Nunn the collaborator. 'Cause that's what she's proposing, you know. She promises to work together with all of the other people we hire. And, she expects to be paid and be worth every cent!

What more do we expect?

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