Bureger King is joining a growing list of unpatriotic US corporations by moving its headquarters to Canada. (Is unpatriotic corporation redundant?) Burger King is trying to buy Tim Hortons, the legendary Canadian donut chain, in order to dodge paying its fair share of corporate taxes here in the United States.

This is part of a recent pattern of "tax inversion" among US corporations. Tax inversion is done solely to avoid taxes. Companies like Burger King buy a foreign company with the deal structured in such a way that the foreign corporation seems to be buying the American company. The new combined entity is headquartered in the foreign country and incorporated as a foreign company, enabling the former American Company to dodge millions of dollars in US taxes.

Burger King is not the first US company to pull this sleazy tax dodge. Walgreens tried the same thing several months ago. The immediate threats of a consumer boycott caused them drop the idea very quickly.

I think it is time for us to begin boycotting Burger King and to let them know how we feel about corporate tax cheats. Here is some contact information so that you can let Burger King know how you feel.

Contact Info after the Kos flower.

Give them a call

Burger King, Customer Service

1 (866) 394-2493

You can also communicate with their corporate offices.

BK Headquarters
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive,
Miami-Dade County, Florida, Un>ited States
How greedy do you have to be to move from sunny Miami to icy Canada?

You can also fill out a Burger King on-line comment form at this link.

Burger King

Walgreens abandoned the idea of moving its headquarters overseas once its customers told them what they thought. We owe it to the idiots who run Burger King to show them the error of their ways.

Let's start boycotting Burger King today!

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