That's Sen. Mark Pryor, talking about his cancer treatment and the fight he had with his insurance company to get it covered and how Obamacare (though he doesn't mention it by name) means that fight between cancer patients and their insurance companies won't have to happen anymore. Arkansas Democrat Gazette columnist John Brummett calls (behind a paywall) this potentially the "most cleverly effective political commercial of the year." And he ponders how Republicans might counter this simple, effective, and emotional ad.
I suspect, though, that the Koch brothers are busy scouring the country for a cancer victim whose premiums rose because of Obamacare.

"I'm so thankful Senator Pryor survived his cancer scare. I know how much his dad loves him. I just wish Senator Pryor hadn't cast the tie-breaking vote for Obamacare to make it more expensive for me to try to survive mine."

How would that work as a script?

Ponder it in case the Kochs find somebody to say it or something like it.

Too late. The Kochs already did that. And it was all a big lie. Remember Julie Boonstra, the leukemia patient who would actually save $1,200 a year under Obamacare? Koch. Fail. They can try it again, but they'll fail again. That's because it's damned hard to trump guaranteed affordable coverage for cancer treatment.

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