First, not gonna link to any other diaries here. I am NOT calling out ANYONE!!!!!!!

I just have an alternative view of what happened in Arizona. A nine year old girl will be forever traumatized by something that she did. It was ABSOLUTELY an ACCIDENT!!!!!

So, let's PLEASE not turn ourselves inside out talking about gun fails or dead instructors or even gun control. Let's try to find the humanity to care about a nine year old girl whose life will NEVER be the same again.

This site has shown great humanity in the wake of the death of Michael Brown. Is it possible to channel some of it for this girl.

The instructor made a mistake and paid for it with his life. Let that be enough for now. If you want to use this to illustrate your argument for firearms regulation, knock yourself out. But remember today that there is a traumatized girl in the mix tonight.

8:54 PM PT: Okay, after re-reading, I DID say that the instructor made a mistake.

Allow me to rephrase please?

The instructor made an egregious error in judgement and paid for it with his life. My bad. I didn't want to lose my point over this poor use of language.

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