Ebola doesn't just kill or hurt the people who catch Ebola .
Ebola hurts and kills people who haven't caught it .

When the health care workers leave or die their patients suffer , diseases that would have been seen and taken care of go unseen and untreated . When people fear going to the clinic , fear seeing a health care provider because of fears related to Ebola , diseases that would have been seen and taken care of go unseen and untreated . Diseases that go unseen and untreated spread more than they would have if taken care of by trained health care workers .
When the transport of food and medicine is interrupted , people suffer from the lack of food and medicine .  Some may suffer greatly and or have their life's shortened by the lack of food and medicine . Some may even be forced into survival via one of the very things we suspect , bush meat .

When someone says that Ebola has killed 1000 or 1500 , I know that what they are saying is 1000 or 1500 have had the Ebola virus inside of them and have died of that , and that that number doesn't include all the others who suffered from the ripple effect .

Children with malaria not getting treated , women giving birth without trained health care workers if something goes badly , diarrhea going untreated , heart attacks hidden away , minor flesh wounds going bad , vaccines not given or delayed , etc etc etc  

The real effect of the Ebola ripple will be estimated sometime in the future after this Ebola epidemic plays out .



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