A really frightening comparison of political approaches to freedom of choice for our own bodies.

We're only trying to regulate abortion. We're only trying to regulate vaping.
I was a virgin when I got married! I quit smoking cold turkey!
I don't support vaping,  I support FREEDOM.  I don't support abortion, I support CHOICE.  
Poor people might be committing voter fraud!      Youth experimenting with e-cigs might be moving to smoking!  
It's worth keeping millions of citizens from casting their votes if it keeps ONE person from casting a fraudulent ballot!    It's worth keeping millions of adults smoking instead of vaping flavors if it keeps ONE kid from starting ecigs then smoking!  
Kids might think sex is OK.   Kids might think something that looks like smoking is OK.
Abortion encourages behavior that is sinful.   Vaping encourages behavior we don't like to see.
You're still an immoral s___.   You're still an addict.
 It undermines Christian morality. It undermines everything we've worked for.
I don't want my own tax money to pay for someone else's birth control or abortions.   I don't want my own taxes to go up, we need to keep the cigarette tax money coming in.
Those Evil Marxists are the ones behind condoms and sex education.   Those Evil Tobacco Companies are the ones behind vaping.
 380,000 smokers die each year from combustible cigarettes. 5,000 women used to die each year from back-alley abortions.
 Pulmonary freedom is a health issue. Reproductive freedom is a health issue.
 They can do what they want in private, but I don't want to see gays showing affection in public. They can vape at home, but I don't want to see something that looks like smoking in public.
 They're trying to undermine our way of life. They're trying to get around the smoking restrictions.
 Gay affection is icky. Vaping is icky.

If you don't want to see a lot of swing-voters who are recent ex-smokers volunteering to help put the Koch brothers in charge of the Senate, consider asking your Democratic Senators and Congressional Representatives to read this:  http://www.clivebates.com/...

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