Sen. Scott Brown and Mitt Romney hug
Scott Brown seems to think he's solved the pesky problem of his vote for Romneycare when he was in the legislature in Massachusetts and why he thinks that law was good for his home state, but not for his new state. His new state, he is now arguing in an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio should have the same opportunity as his old state to do exactly what Obamacare is already doing but do it by itself, or something.
Do you then also support full flexibility for states to be able to craft a health care solution? The federal health care law as it stands now, for example, bans insurance companies from denying people with preexisting conditions from being able to seek coverage. Would there be any federal caveats to those state solutions?

We need to repeal Obamacare and we need to put in place something that works for us. Something that allows us to address all the things that you and others are concerned about. There’s no reason why we can’t do it and also respecting our rights and freedoms and also doing it more competitively. I look at the VA right now and look at Obamacare. The VA is Obamacare in a couple of years with the top heavy bureaucratic nightmare. […]

But under the plan you’re saying, a state could say "we’re not going to get involved with preexisting conditions."

I know what you’re trying to say but I respectfully disagree. It’s something that’s very important our state and its citizens and it’s something that more than likely would be covered in any type of plan that we offered.

We need competition. We don’t have any competition. All of those things that you’re talking about, we can have good, smart people like you at the table and others at the table to determine what’s important for us and that is one thing that is important to me. I’ve already voted on something like that. I would continue to support that and I’m sure it's important for other people.

In other words, Obamacare should be repealed so that New Hampshire could totally recreate Obamacare, with all the protections that the law now provides for people in New Hampshire and everywhere else. Which Scott Brown totally supports as long as its Romneycare and not Obamacare. That makes about as much sense as saying Obamacare and the VA health system are exactly the same. (Except for the part where the VA is a public system and Obamacare is a private one. Exactly the same otherwise.)

Never mind that what he's really calling for—repeal—would strip all of those benefits that people in New Hampshire now have, for as long as it took the state to completely recreate the law. So basically, what's totally good for Massachusetts isn't good for New Hampshire. Good to know.

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