He is sexist. He has denigrated more than a few women here.

Second, he is disruptive: if his precious feelings are hurt he will proceed to hurt anyone who doesn't coddle him.

He has been a plague on this community from the beginning. He has attacked more people than I can name. He has been vulgar, rude, pathetic, and worst of all, openly dismissive of women and people of color.

Lately he's gotten a free pass because of the grief he suffered, but grief does not excuse sexist or racist comments. A lot of people here are suffering and struggling with grief. They don't abuse other kossaccks because of that.

I don't want cm to be reinstated. His abuse of this community has gone on far too long, and his victims are plenty. I realize that a great deal of you were unaware of how abusive and hostile he was; given that, I don't blame you for feeling that his banning was unjust.

To those of you, I say, please trust those who have been on the receiving end of comonmass's abuse, and believe us when we say that we're more comfortable this way.  

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