The following is a comment that I recently posted to a diary which tries to claim that one incident involving an armed white man that did not result in his being shot to death - proves that the problem is that police shoot black men, and not white.  But this is not only false - but is a dangerous misunderstanding - because it BLINDS us to the actual, underlying problem, of abuse of force by police.  And thus if we remain blinded as such - we will never solve the problem.  As I stated in this comment - simply republished her on its own - if we removed 100% of the racism - the shootings and fatalities would still continue.

Yes - there is a glaring disparity when it comes to police abuses and minorities.

But the issue of police misuse of force - including deadly force - is NOT confined to the minority community.

It applies universally to all.  This is not a case where it was the color of the person that mattered.  But the professionalism of the officer.

The misuse of force and abuse of force - in the world-view of the national police culture - is actually a misunderstanding of the public as to what police do and are allowed to do.

They BELIEVE they have the right and authority to use deadly force in the manner we see in the Mike Brown case.

And they daily misuse force, as a result, resulting in the death and serious injury across the country, daily, of persons of all races, creeds, colors, persuasions, etc.

If we keep viewing this issue as a racial one - we will never solve the problem.

Yes - there is an additional racial element and dynamic - that causes certain communities to be disproportionately affected by this problem.

But the problem is not rooted in that broader social ill of racial disparity.

It is rooted in the national police culture - which sees only one color - it is "blue" vs you - and you can be black, white, pink or purple - and you are going to equally be the victim, in your particular instance, of this problem when you cross an officer imbued with this culture.

A culture backed by the departments across the nation.  Using unwritten policy and informal training - to substitute for the formal teaching they are provided and the written and adopted policies that they - and thus the overseeing political bodies - have approved.

You can remove 100% of the racism in America's police departments.  And the deadly shootings will continue.  Because they are not the result of that racial dynamic - but that police culture that has substituted the law with their own view of what they law OUGHT to be.

They assume they can shoot first and ask questions later. They assume they are supposed to shoot to kill - and not to stop - never to wound.  They assume they are supposed to go for the kill shot - shooting center-mass at the target.  They assume they are entitled - and are supposed to - to shoot until their magazine is empty. They assume they are allowed to shoot a fleeing suspect - because they are not "complying" with their orders.  They assume they are entitled to shoot to defend themselves - even if the threat, if there is such, is not one that will likely cause serious - let alone deadly - harm.

These are the unwritten norms of the national police culture. And they have nothing to do with race.  And this is the problem that has to be addressed - before the shootings and killings will stop.

There IS a racial disparity and problem when it comes to policing. It has an effect in having the abuses of authority seen in higher numbers in minority communities.   But it is NOT the problem underlying the fatalities.

11:33 AM PT: As predictable (and why so few people DARE to address this point) - I have already been called RACIST and engaged in DENIAL OF RACISM.

Of course - my first sentence sets out - that there IS (and thus I don't deny) a RACIAL ISSUE here.  Its just NOT THE CAUSE of the misuse and abuse of force and how and why police are "getting away with it."

11:50 AM PT: I am not going to answer or read any more comments.  I leave it to anyone who is reasonable enough - and actually reads what I say here - to deal with the ignorant comments that are populating this thread.

I'll leave it at this: The biggest enemy to progress - is found among the so-called left.  Because they will never defeat the right - with ignorance and knee-jerk reactions.

12:43 PM PT: I have been told - here - that I am a "Racial Denialist" - that I am a "White" "Middle Class" "Male" and thus my position is not credible - that I am engaged in (never heard this one before) "whitesplaining" - and that a "white man" is not entitled to tell a "black woman" anything.


Not serious attempts - without fear of such ignorance - at addressing serious issues.

2:31 PM PT: People can keep HR'ing my defenses that I am NOT racist - and my openly calling those who make racist comments based on my race - as racist comments.  They are just as racist as those you condemn.

3:46 PM PT: This is my last comment on this. If people are unable to actually read what I say that is one thing.  But to accuse me of racism is intolerable as well as unfounded.  My record speaks for itself - as do my words here.  As for the many actually racists comments and posts - DailyKos has a real problem with not actually addressing those posts and comments head on.

Originally posted to Charlie Grapski on Sun Aug 31, 2014 at 10:50 AM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street.

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