My nephew has been visiting Europe the last few weeks and last week he was in a small town in northern Italy. He turned 25 in early August and he still has problems with sleep walking.

So he sleep walks out the window - no screens - and falls three floors down onto the cobblestones below. Apparently, he remained asleep the whole way down and he's banged up but not too seriously hurt. No broken arms or legs, no concussion - just a badly bruised hip and a cracked cheek bone and a broken occipital (eye) bone.

His sister has been updating us on his condition and sent out an e-mail (and facebook) request that we send him a selfie with a message of support and well wishes. Basically, write a positive message on a piece of paper and hold it up next to your face and take a selfie that she can forward to him.

My niece didn't invent this idea, and I don't know if my nephew did either, but in our family he started it. When his grandma was in the hospital last year, he started a similar project to send selfies to her with pictures of support for her. Everyone in the immediate family sent her one.

My nephew has received over 100 such selfies and it has been a great source of encouragement to him. He is thrilled to have received so many supporting selfies from so many friends and relatives.

I sent a picture of myself with the message "Guarisci presto!" - "Get well Soon!" in Italian.

So I wonder, can this become a "thing to do" when the occasion arises? Send a selfie with well wishes to someone in need?



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