[Koch Brothers send trolls to disrupt site; some pretend to be atheists, some religious, posting the following to disrupt site; other posters who really are atheists and religious come to site, also posting the following]

[Atheists Convene to Mock "Invisible Sky Friend," Or Other Such Incredibly Hackneyed Phrase; Complain of History of Ill Treatment; Make Clear Their Views on Religion, or On DKos's Religious Folks' Treatment of Atheists, Won't Likely Be Changing Any Time Soon; Takes Ranting, Confrontational Tone, Ostensibly Aimed at Like-Minded Atheists; Secretly Longs for Posts from Antagonists]

[Butthurt Religious Person Ignores Clearly-worded Atheists' Posts; Posts to Try to Change Their Views On DKos's Religious Folks' Treatment of Atheists; Protests Own Ill-Treatment; Adds Note On Own Cosmology, which Any Child Would Know Will Be Laughed out of the Room by Those Who Find it Fantastic]

[Atheists Mock Post; Other Atheists Explain Coolly that in the Marketplace of Ideas, Some Ideas May Be Mocked, and that It Is Inappropriate to Take Offense at This If One Is Going to Post them]

[Butthurt Religious Person Posts in Snide Reply to Mocking Posts, But So Sharply as to Be Trolling, and Actually WAY more of a Jerk than What S/he's Replying to]

[Atheists Who Just Posted That It's Inappropriate to Take Offense Get Offended]

[Atheists, Religious People Take 10000 Posts, each doing exactly zero of substance, each simply listing either real, imagined or exaggerated offenses, only from the other side to their own side, while failing to acknowledge the slightest fault from their own side]

[Israel/Palestine posters are flattered by the imitation of their pie-throwing; raise thumb and forefinger to make the "perfect!" sign]

[Harmonious Kossack Work to save the environment, save people from suffering violence, or get progressives elected, forgotten]

More (and more, and more, and more) below the fold

I mean honestly


And let me guess:

"OH MY GOD! I snidely reject this diary with an off-hand one-liner, because it is too unfair to My Side"


"HR'd for violating the most obscure site rule I could dig up after 10 hours searching for a pretext"

or, most probably,

"Already diaried"


Whew. OK, I'm sorry--carry on. (You KNOW you all will still be making those tens of thousands of "your side's wrong and mine is persecuted!" "No, YOUR side's wrong and MY side's persecuted!" posts, day after day, and year after year, as important causes go to hell. So my little, admittedly very imperfect, diary is only going to be dwarfed in the end by that unending avalanche of pointless bickering. Hope it is okay that I allowed myself a little rant, to match oh, those many, MANY others...)

On the serious: Love you all. Hope you all find Love too.

UPDATE 09/04/2014 10:45 a.m.

This diary is, of course, inherently hypocritical, being that it is a rant that tells people to knock off the empty ranting. I can excuse that with the "satire" tag. However, one thing I WON'T forgive myself for is the hypocrisy of saying "do something positive and constructive if you need to post about this stuff," without doing something in that regard here too. I'd like to encourage anyone reading to give generously either to this atheist/agnostic charity:


or this religious one:


or any of your choosing (feel free to post your own favorites in the comments! Those are two of mine. For fun, I think it would be heartwarming if atheists would give to the religious charity, and religious readers to the FBB; but better yet, both sides can give to both charities!).


Are both sides full of intelligent folks making themselves ever dumber with each self-defeating, monotonous, droning, endless, bickering fight, or just one?

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