Just to catch a whiff of some damn fine cuisine as we wait for the other shoe to drop,
and maybe catch a whiff of what the Ubers and Filthys* are up to.
We're up late Jibbering Our Jabber about Ferguson, ISIS, Cuomo Jr., Elections and
assorted Teathuggery, and invite you to join the convo by calling the Show.  Links below.
Beyond the news du jour we're all about 2014 GOTV efforts and Organizing your
and organizing your neighborhood right down to your street corner!
Our Wed. Night Open Thread has launched – Your Midnight Talk Connection is on!
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Netroots Nation needs to be something more than an Annual Event of GasBaggery.
And, navajo and MB doing something about that.  Look for Daily Kos Quarterly Events
at a venue near you beginning in 2015!  So, thanks, navajo and MB!
You sick'n'tired of this bull$h!t yet??  Huh?  We are!  We talk about this every day!
We didn't start this radio effort as a second career.  We started it to help end the b.s.
We need 200,000 of us to organize this party down to your street corner.
How do we do that?  Getting to know your State Delegation at NN14 is a good start!
And by "state delegation" we mean those Kossacks attending NN14 from your state.
Netroots Radio is 'open source' internet radio that is of, by and for the Netroots;
Radio for those of us getting it done in the precincts. Interested? 2014 Open for Biz!

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Our 'Jibber Your Jabber' Show is mostly an extension of 2014 GOTV efforts. Want in?!
Our new Jibber Your Jabber hangout is the place to find listeners and others interested in expanding Dr. Dean's 50 State Strategy right down to the Precincts and street corner level.
                                                                                      *uber rich and filthy rich
Here's how we roll...

If you have a phone, call us directly at 417-717-1454 to join the live broadcast.

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