Blessings, Peace, and Justice be upon you and all of yours, fellow Kossacks!

As part of the impact from recent discussions regarding religion, spirituality, and politics here on Daily Kos, I decided to form a new Group where those of us who follow Spiritual Working Paths can discuss and share how our Spirituality can help us bring about a Just, Peaceful, Merciful, and Compassionate society for us humans to live in.

More Details below the Great Orange Squiggly of the Philosophers!

This Group's purpose is to maintain this discussion about how we use the wisdom and tools given us by our Spiritual Working Paths to transform human society into the just, peaceful, merciful, and compassionate one we all know it can be. When choosing a name for the Group, I considered my eventual vision of such a society; and Mutualistic Anarchism describes that vision more accurately than any other. (The fact that the word "Anarchism" begins with the same letter of the alphabet as "Alchemy" and "Ally" was a major factor here too, of course!)

As this will require major changes of the human creature (of transmutative order, as we say in Alchemy) and the societies built of and by them, the tools afforded by Alchemy come into play; hence the Group's name. But discussion of all other tools afforded by our Spiritual Work are welcome here.

And so are you! So watch this space, and if you like what you see, drop me (thanatokephaloides) a kosmail or leave a comment in one of the Group's Diaries to that effect; I'll get you an invitation to join us!

A short, unpleasant, but necessary footnote is below. If it applies not to you, kindly please ignore.


(Short unpleasant but necessary note: Those who are inclined to just bash others' ideas for the schadenfreude of it should NOT come and play in this Group. This Group is for the constructive, compassionate, and loving exchange of ideas and we will keep it that way! The recent "atheist vs. theist" wars (and any other wars, for that matter) are NOT welcome here! If such is your inclination, kindly please do yourself, the Group, me, and Daily Kos a great big favor, and leave us be, pass on elsewhere. Thank You!)

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