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I am asking you or one of your front page bloggers to make a fundraising diary for the campaign of Democrat Mark L. Harris, who is running for Wisconsin's open  6th's Congressional District against Men's Rights Activist and all around extremist Glenn Grothman. The 6th is a conservative district by nature but President Obama won the district back in 2008 and with someone as extreme as Grothman running history can repeat itself with the right candidate. Mark Harris is that candidate, he is the best the candidate the democrats could have wished for,  but he is in a dire need of funds:

As you can see from that article, Mark could really use a Daily Kos money bomb right now, the DCCC has so far refused to act on his behalf. Please, Kos, don't let the male version of Michele Bachmann walk right into the halls of congress with out fight.


A fellow Democrat


EDIT: As suggested by people in the comments, I am going to talk a little more about Mark Harris.

Mark is a policy wonk and  he is probably one of the smartest guys running this cycle.

He fully supports Social Security:

He is fully behind lowering the cost of College:

And he is a huge advocate of both raising the the minimum wage and investing in our country's infrastructure:

Mark is a true  Democrat, not some liberdem who we have to hold our noses for.
The fact that someone as good as him is running for seat like this is a great thing for our party. If someone like Mark  can win a seat like this then  we can start telling the blue dogs where they can stuff it! So if you would, could you please send a donation Mark's way? I know he will appreciate it the donation no matter how small:

8:49 PM PT: Update: we raised over 1k for Mark Harris in just a few hours!
A big thank you to everyone who donated and who helped making this diary so big! Outside of the Packers game, it was a great night! Now, let's all get the word out to Kos that we the people of Daily Kos want to go to bat for Mark!

Sat Sep 06, 2014 at 12:52 PM PT: Update: We are now well over 2k raised for Mark Harris! Thank you and keep it up so we can stop Grothman this November and let the house regain some IQ points from Bachmann leaving.

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