This must be so humiliating for Rush Limbaugh. Now, even Republicans seem to be taking joy in his failures. It was a very bad month for Limbaugh in August. Now, in only the beginning days of September, it's getting downright ugly.

Here is the latest news. There are actually cities where Rush Limbaugh was so popular, that the Right-Wing talk radio lineups (which include Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity) named their Conservative hate parade, 'Rush Radio.' One of those cities is New Orleans, Louisiana. The station WRNO, has just decided they don't want the former, now failing, 'king of talk' radio to be their mascot anymore.

Daryl Parks, a radio reports:

Now WRNO-FM in New Orleans is no longer called “Rush Radio.”  It’s called “News-Talk 99.5 WRNO. The News and Talk of New Orleans,” a moniker it should have been using immediately following the November elections of 2008.  Almost 6 years later the station is now pigeon-holed as the mouthpiece of the extreme right-wing in the French Quarter.
Parks adds:
How much more can Rush Limbaugh’s ego take?

I say this as a joke, because once you have a reported $400 million in the bank, I’d guess an ego can really take a beating.

The 'unfiltered' media and culture blogger declares himself a Republican, but even he sees the problems that surround Rush Limbaugh and his ilk:
In the interest of disclosure, before I’m accused of being a liberal, I’m a Republican. But, I am also smart enough to see flaws in the strategy of calling a radio station “Rush Radio” for 6 years.
Forbes Senior Political Contributor and regular on Forbes On Fox, Rick Ungar, also believes Rush Limbaugh has become a joke and has outlived his outlived his audience. Limbaugh is continuing his downhill spiral. In August, Limbaugh lost five radio stations: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska; Brawley, California, and St. Jospeh. Michigan. He also experienced one minute of dreaded dead air on one station.

Deserving the credit for Limbaugh's downfall, are the hundreds of thousands of protestors over the years who remained relentless in their quest to see the hate monger removed from public radio. A national boycott began in 2012 after Limbaugh's disgusting remarks, on air, towards Sandra Fluke. Women and men around the country voiced their outrage on social media, and sponsors began to flee, and new groups like FlushRush, StopRush and BoycottRush aimed to see them stay gone. It's been a long haul, but the fruits of their daily labor are finally coming into fruition, and these groups deserve much praise. They have made it easy for anyone to join this incredibly effective anti-Rush Limbaugh movement:

Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor & Clear Channel Petition
Visit/Like: BoycottRush Facebook Group
Join: The Fight To Flush Rush
Visit: StopRush.net for a list of Limbaugh Sponsors
Tweet: @FlushRush and/or @StopRush on Twitter
Thank You, Kossack, Richard Myers. Rest In Peace. We Will Finish This.

Special thanks to Kossack, LOrion and Daily Kos Flush Fools who also covered this story.

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