This is a third update from Cindy as she prepares for the night.  I'll simply copy Celeste's email in full here.

I'm starting a new diary because the other one wouldn't take my second update.

Hi Brian,

I have just had a very disturbing call from Cindy- there are ten people preparing to sleep out on the side of the road, the media and police have gone, SEVERAL secret service people have stopped by to give this message

"people drive very fast on this road, somebody could run over you and you could get killed"

Cindy was frightened by this message and asked me to ask you to post it.  If this were not the government of Karl Rove you could take it lightly. But sadly, it is. I told Cindy to have people take turns keeping watch, I hope  the Vets will go back to stand guard.

It is hard to believe we live in these times, hard to believe we are governed by such dangerous people, and for us at GSFP hard to comprehend why we are without our sons.  Thank you to everyone for your amazing support today, plesae stay with us.

Celeste Zappala
co founder, Gold Star Families for Peace
Mother of Sgt. Sherwood Baker, KIA 4/26/04-Baghdad
Sherwood was killed protecting the Iraq Survey Group as they looked for the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction

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