I may not be alone in wondering how many people are going to show up in Crawford in support of Cindy Sheehan.  One reason some might want to know the answer to this is that knowing the answer could figure into their own decision about whether to go - which, admittedly, would ultimately affect the answer itself.  A circular sort of business, but there it is.  

In putting forward such a poll I assume (possibly wrongly and, if so, my apologies) that Cindy Sheehan would probably welcome the company. If anyone knows this assumption is incorrect, please share your information asap.

So, here's a poll which might help us all get a handle on where this thing is going in August.[Just in case my attempt at putting up a poll doesn't work, perhaps somebody else less technically challenged would shortly oblige.  

The poll question I propose is:  Are You Going to Camp Casey in August?.  

And the three available responses are:

  1. I am definitely going.  Arrangements to go have already been made.
  2. I am intending to go, and am presently trying to make arrangements to go.
  3. I am intending to go, but have not yet commenced trying to make arrangements to go.]

Originally posted to Roger Lamb on Sun Aug 07, 2005 at 07:49 PM PDT.


Are you going to Camp Casey in August?

16%4 votes
40%10 votes
44%11 votes

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