WARNING: RIGHT-WING THOUGHT AHEAD!  For those weak of heart, continue on! Hurry! Before it's too late!

From the howling wastes of the conservative blogosphere comes a post so wildly insane that you won't be able to divert your eyes!

From the political teen's "Quick Hits 8/17" (no relation to our own political teen):

Investigative Blog Report on Air America
PI's Michelle Malkin and Brian Malooney are hot on the case.

W vs. FDR
The "legacy" battle

The "chickenhawk" and "go fight the war" Comments
Sister Told Jah hits it right on the mark

Other Ways to Grieve
This is a must read for Cindy Sheehan

How to Get Rich of the Huffington Post
Sell! Sell! Sell!

May I recommend the Sista Soldjah? Enjoy the smorgsaborg of jaw-dropping stupidity and breathtaking lack of intellectual merit (you sick sick people)...

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