Please use this diary to post links to news articles, TV and radio transcripts and other blogs or message boards which note that foreign assistance has been offered but US government is holding it back. (I can understand if a transport plane can't land on a runway that's underwater or if military convoys can't navigate demolished highways... but to not even allow them in the country seems ridiculous.)

Folks, if we're going to ask the domestic RWCM to cover this story we need hard evidence that it's happening. Saying Andrea Mitchell mentioned something on TV last night is a world away from linking to the transcript.

Let's link!

This is in response to the many stories and comments popping up randomly (including this front page post by Kos) and this lame-ass letter to the editor of the conservative corporate Chicago Tribune:

Condolences for us
Kessa Harshman
Published September 1, 2005

Eau Claire, Wis. -- When a hurricane hits, where are the condolences to our nation? We pride ourselves on being the "hero" for other countries and the relief aid that we put forth is phenomenal, but where are the condolences from other countries?

A major hurricane creates a loss of family members and homes, but we receive no help from other nations. What if this happened in another country? We would send aid or have a group of our citizens sent over to help.

Have we not helped the other countries out enough to have any effort from them?

Our soldiers are always willing and dispatched immediately, ready to rebuild a nation. Not only that, but we have thousands and thousands of soldiers in other countries for peacekeeping missions, risking their own lives to help others. Why is it that Americans must bear the brunt of nature's trauma, whether the disaster occurs within our boundaries or not?

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Of course, with the Trib completely neglecting to report on any offers of foreign assistance this letter (though hollow) appears to ring true... Let's let reporters know we won't let them ignore this.

Links to the media and writing directly to reporters:

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