I got an email from Doug Muder, better known around these parts as Pericles...

Somebody at jumpingfish did a poem on the fall of Bush and I was inspired to mix and match a few translations of Isaiah 14.

So he suggested that I go to work on an accompanying image. Here, for your pleasure (or righteous indignation)...

Edited:The large preview was taken down due to server bandwidth limits... Click on the thumbnail to view this image.

Feel free to circulate this everywhere.

More from Pericles:
Interesting historical sidenote: The original is a gloating poem over the fall of a Babylonian king. When writing the Vulgate translation of the Old Testament into Latin, St. Jerome used the Latin name of the morning star: "Lucifer". Later Christians read the poem as being about the fall of the rebellious angel who rose against God. (Parts of the poem that I edited out talk about trying to rival the Most High.) And that is how the Devil got his name.

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