When the scope of the tragedy along the Gulf Coast became apparent, a social worker in Madison, Wisconsin organized some 200 volunteers to repaint and clean 20 apartments for evacuees. She took a bus to Houston and brought 13 people here. I'm writing a story on them for Madison Magazine. Two of the guys I interviewed yesterday say they plan to stay in Madison.

I would like to talk to officials and volunteers in other cities who have done similar things. It seems like there could be nationwide impact when you have these little groups of people spreading throughout the country, and I'd like to write a bit about that.

I know Denver is one such city. What other cities do you all know of that have taken in a dozen or two people? You don't need to provide details ... I can get those ... all I need is the name of the city. Thanks!

PS On a slightly different topic ... One thing that struck me about the two guys I talked to was that neither really wanted to talk about the week they spent at the Superdome. They're just not ready to process that part yet.

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