I was part of a group that attended the March in D.C. on the weekend of September 24-26, along with those "tens of thousands" of others.  One of my group, a pediatrician, began experiencing painful lymph nodes and an ulcer at the back of her throat a few days ago, right before the reports began surfacing of tularemia bacteria found at the Washington Mall that weekend.  When my friend heard about the reports, she began treating herself with Cipro and now feels better.
Okay, she IS a pediatrician and she IS in contact with sick kids all day.  But still...
What I'd like to find out is if any other Kossacks who attended the march in D.C. that weekend (or the Book Fair)have experienced, or are experiencing, odd symptoms.  Surely this should be investigated further, especially since tularemia is considered a biological agent.  

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