There have been no announcements, but the 20 days since Judge Hellerstein said the Pentagon must release 87 more Abu Ghraib photos and videos have quietly passed.  

General Myers begged the judge to let him keep hiding the photos to prevent violence against a military that evidently has not prosecuted any of the rapes or murders Senator Lindsey Graham says he saw in the secret pictures.  The judge answered that Al Qaeda clearly does not wait for an excuse, and that his own job is to uphold the law, not to protect Myers' people.  

I still think we need to stay awake and get ahead of this.  If we won't speak out against government funded rape and murder until after the world has reacted to photos of it, we're NaziTM-style scum.  The Anglican bishops say apologies to Iraq and the Muslim world are overdue, and I agree.  Add yours below while there's time.

(What with Fitzmas coming, hardly anyone noticed.  Thanks to Tags, I found this 2am diary as well.)

Gee, if the Pentagon is in contempt, what about all the Senators who've seen the evidence and remained silent?  Are they demanding justice or obstructing it?  After you've witnessed a rape or murder (or seen it on video) how long do you have before you are supposed to report it to authorities or become an accessory?  

These questions might sound silly, but with thoroughly corrupt leadership in the military and executive branch, and a complicit Congress, the federal and international courts are quickly becoming our only avenue for justice.  Gaia bless the ACLU.

They're not silly questions.  Today Canada reversed its cooperation in covering up Bush's torture and war crimes.  Like Germany and Venezuela, Canada's charter includes prosecuting war criminals wherever they are found.  With Bush publicly threatening to veto anti-torture provisions, the cases against him in these countries just keep getting stronger.  You don't have to be an accessory.  You can speak out, below. Recommend this diary so our voices can be heard at Rumsfeld and Bush's trial.

Originally posted to Levity on Fri Oct 21, 2005 at 04:05 PM PDT.

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