November 1st, today, is the deadline for the government to release the remaining photos and footage from Abu Ghraib.

It disturbs me that I have heard so little about this.  Not in the media, and barely a peep even here in Daily Kos.  There is an occasional post on an open thread.  I think the matter deserves more attention.

The problem is that until now the release has been delayed by various legal efforts by the Gov't, who will surely use any available tactic to keep the footage locked up.  If we don't even pay attention to this process, how are we to be effective watchdogs?  Should we trust the outcome of this process to be fair in the absence of public pressure?  What's going to happen while we're not looking?

Anyways, it was today.  Does anyone have any word at all about what happened?

UPDATE: as posted by georgia10 below, there seems to have been an extension (an "enlargement") to November 15th. I am less boggled now by the lack of news. Let's remember to keep an eye on this, in the mean time---and thanks everyone for the info! I know I can count on the folks at DKos to collectively get to the bottom of anything.

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