Hey y'all, thanks to the hard work of Dwight Meredith over at Wampum blog, we've got the winners of this year's Koufax Awards honoring the best of the progressive blogosphere.

I notice that the DNC's Kicking Ass won "Best New Blog". And many of you insist the party isn't making progress...

But most relevant to us here is the award for "Best Group Blog".

The 2003 Koufax Award for Best Group Blog, however, goes to Daily Kos.

Is Kos a group blog? Kos himself does not think so as he said in comments. With the inclusions of the Dairies, it is difficult to separate out the bloggers from the commenters. Nonetheless, with such distinguished alumni as Steve Gilliard (get well soon, Steve), Billmon, and Steve Soto and such current posters as RonK, Meteor Blades, DHinMI, Mr.Liberal, Trapper John, Jerome, Tom Schaller and others, the variety of voices and the high standard of each argues that it is a group blog.

In reality, I think of Kos as a community, not a group. That is what makes Kos special. This award goes out to the entire Kos community. I suspect that Kos himself would approve.

This is your award. You have earned it, and I'm honored that you choose to spend much of your time here. Thanks.

Rounding out the awards: three for Billmon (woohoo!), two for Atrios (something about "turkee"), Orcinus, TalkLeft, TBogg, South Knox Bubba, Kicking Ass, Juan Cole, Zizka, Tacitus (for most lovable righty), and Uggabugga. And another Koufax for dKos for "best design".

Kevin Drum should've been on that list. Sigh...

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Wed Feb 18, 2004 at 01:40 AM PST.

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