Shortly after last year's fiasco of Nov. 2, a bunch of us were sitting around; we were depressed, upset and not sure what to do about it. We decided to brainstorm some ideas about what we could do next. This is what we came up with.

First a caveat, we didn't publish the list at first because it was just for kicks. In re-reading it, it was suggested that we share these ideas with others, because a lot of them are damned funny. Note that this is for entertainment purposes only, we are not suggesting that anyone should actually oppose the Bush Regime. Perhaps by sharing the list, some folks out there in the legal community can help us weed out any ideas that might be legally questionable and help us come up with an action list that we can actually recommend. The following is not a threat, nor is it an incitement for anyone to commit violence. Without further adieu, here is the list, feel free to add your own....

  1. Be Un-Governable.
  2. SCREAM!!!
  3. Wear a black armband to mourn the death of the republic. Tell people why when they ask.

More below... feel free to add your own ideas! Fuck Bush!

4.    Get Out! NOW! At the moment you can probably oppose them as effectively abroad as at home, and you can legally avoid supporting them monetarily with taxes.
5.    Make and use, or sell, a George Bush piñata. It will be the hit of your party! Invite everyone! Use them publicly too, fill them with IOUs, bad apples, chickenguts, whatever you want!
6.    Make freeway signs and post them. Remember the Burma Shave signs back in the day? Several in a well-timed row tell a clever story.
7.    Wire $100 to a random Cuban.
8.    Shave your head and wear prison stripes. Do it now while it's still a choice.
9.    Destroy your television, no excuses or exceptions! This would scare the crap out of them if they lost access to millions of people suddenly.
10.    Defend your privacy fiercely.
11.    Protest frequently, use BIG visuals.
12.    Report suspicious conservatives to the authorities.
13.    Publicly hang a Lady Liberty dummy to make a point, or gag her and burn her at the stake. Tell folks why.
14.    The media are corrupt, undermine their credibility. Ridicule anyone who watches or reads them.
15.    Throw red paint on anything federal.
16.    Hang your flag upside down (a sign of distress), or fly the "Don't Tread On Me" flag.
17.    Collect and destroy all printed government material.
18.    Inspire fear among opponents. They are paranoid and hypersensitive to criticism. They project their own characteristics onto others, so they think the resistance is a highly organized conspiracy with specific leaders and a specific agenda. Be a highly decentralized force with few common goals aside from defeating the fascists. Create fear in the leadership, when people are fearful they make mistakes.
19.    Take money out of US dollars. Buy foreign stocks , gold and Euros. Withdraw savings. Use foreign banks wherever possible.
20.    Refuse to obey federal laws.
21.    Destroy newspapers.
22.    Occupy federal buildings, block roads.
23.    "Miss" in federal restrooms, especially a number two!
24.    Hang George Bush in effigy in public parks etc. Call the media, (or even the police!) when you do. It's like creating many small fires (euphemistically, not literally) if authorities see LOTS of this stuff frequently, they will begin to lose their grip.
25.    Put a sign in your front yard.
26.    Carry a Lady Liberty dummy off in a casket, bury her and hold a funeral. Call the press, and do it in a high profile place.
27.    Get arrested.
28.    Create distractions, lots of little fires so that the authorities are spread thin, and panic.
29.    Hang anti-Bush banners from your boat. Anchor it where lots of folks can see it.
30.    Sell George Bush targets.
31.    Post a fake headstone in a real cemetery. Say "Here Lies Freedom  1776-2000".
32.    Boycott American products until freedom is restored.
33.    Rent billboards, they are not as expensive as tyranny and slavery.
34.    Use the Internet effectively.
35.    Buy progressive magazines.
36.    Don't get distracted by false or distorted issues. The tyrants have mastered the art of distraction when things go bad, so don't let it work for them.
37.    Do not use any type of media that supports fascism. If they can't reach you, they starve.
38.    File 1000's of tax returns from fictitious people. The IRS is computerized, it would take years to sort out if done well.
39.    Take all tax returns from local post offices and burn them.
40.    Write to all politicians... constantly! Do it in your own words.
41.    Post pictures of dead children from Fallujah.
42.    Donate bloody dolls with pieces missing to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign.
43.    Hand out pamphlets at shopping centers, flea markets, and fairs.
44.    Do SOMETHING against Bush every single day.
45.    Every telephone pole is a potential venue for flyers.
46.    Tell foreign friends to stay away.
47.    Bumperstickers!
48.    T-Shirts!
49.     Vilify John Kerry and the DLC leadership (you hear me Carville? You too!).... Never let them live their cowardice down!
50.    Dump piles of dead fish at your local courthouse, post office, city hall, or federal building.
51.    Beat up a Republican
52.    Hang a George Bush dummy from your flagpole....every day.
53.    Consume government services.
54.    Drop pamphlets by air.
55.    Store food.
56.    Expose Bush hypocrisy and lies whenever you can.
57.    Drop out.
58.    Write write write.
59.    Buy albums from resistance musicians.
60.    Live off the grid, and off the economy as much as possible, buy a solar collector.
61.    Don't eat American agricultural products (except organics). Punish Nebraska! (and rural right-wing idiots everywhere else too).
62.    Waste government time and resources. Make problems.
63.    Stop paying taxes, starve them out.
64.    Speak the truth, even if it upsets your Uncle Joe.
65.    Hunger strike.
66.    Refuse to allow recruiters to speak to your relatives.
67.    Send back all federal mail "Return to Sender".
68.    NEVER, EVER give the IRS your phone number. Make `em write to you, get everything in writing!
69.    Boycott all companies even vaguely affiliated with Bush Inc.
70.    Capture a Diebold machine.
71.    Never talk to police or federal officials.
72.    Mark or stamp your paper money with resistance messages.
73.    Salt messages into the lawns of parks (or golf courses, or ?).
74.    Fill the jails, clog the courts.
75.    Always vote absentee, even if you aren't going anywhere. Make your election officials WORK.
76.    Intimidate Republicans. Remember the poll-watchers of Ohio? Send inner city folks to challenge voter credentials in wealthy subdivisions.
77.    Organize large groups of minority men to take peaceful walks in white neighborhoods.
78.    Place thousands of crosses in a public park, or hundreds in your front yard.
79.    Protest in neighborhoods, not parks; preferably opposition neighborhoods.
80.    Mr. Bush, what would Jesus do?
81.    Do not go to states that voted for Bush.
82.    Vacation abroad, preferably France, Italy or Germany.
83.    Start a conspiracy theory.
84.    Argue with conservatives in on-line chatrooms, but visit no conservative sites. Let the fascists score no "hits" from you.
85.    Blog `til you drop. Subscribe to e-mail lists, post to blogs and bulletin boards.
86.    Boycott anti-depressants.
87.    Boycott Israel.
88.    Burn a candle in your window.
89.    Visit Resistance websites, contribute generously.
90.    Tell your Uncle Joe he's a stupid fuck.
91.    Spraypaint Resistance messages everywhere.
92.    Using lawn paint (used for marking lines on athletic fields), paint large anti-Bush messages in open fields.
93.    Put pictures of Bush on the bottoms of your shoes.
94.    Criticize Bush as much as possible anywhere and everywhere, in public and on-line. Let `em try to crack down on everyone at once.
95.    Wear bodypaint, dress outrageously, dance in the streets.... Scare and taunt Republicans.
96.    Hang out in front of Baptist churches and talk to people.
97.    Buy a hybrid vehicle.
98.    Have more children, the gene pool needs you.
99.    Patronize only Resistance media, no mainstream radio, TV, newspapers, magazines or websites. Don't even watch to see what they are up to - drop out and starve them. Listen to tapes and CD's or I-pods if there is no independent radio in your area.
100.    Start a radio station, any frequency, no matter how small - sound off and advertise yourself.
101.    Start a pod-cast.
102.    Spraypaint the URLs of Resistance websites around town. Write them on bathroom walls, put them on pamphlets and bumperstickers.
103.    Organize rallies.
104.    Stockpile ammunition.
105.    Use cash, don't let corporations or stores track your purchasing patterns. Reject grocery store discount cards and shop only at those that don't offer them.
106.    Patronize small businesses and small ethnic grocery stores. Reject ALL chainstores.
107.    Wear a distinctive hat.
108.    Live as though you were free.
109.    Get a passport.
110.    Tell foreign tourists how corrupt your government is.
111.    Protest near tourist centers and hotels. Be seen by foreigners.
112.    Sing Revolutionary War songs. (you can find a bunch on-line)
113.    Be un-governable in all of your affairs
114.    Waste federal paper, make confetti from government forms.
115.    Write, act in or stage a Resistance play, to be held in an unusual venue.
116.    Hang banners in unusual places.
117.    Carve anti-Bush grafitti into trees.
118.    Buy no clothing from mainstream stores.
119.    Be vegetarian, or at least boycott American meat.
120.    Give more to charity, and also to Resistance causes.
121.    Learn Esperanto, speak foreign languages in public places and on-line. Inspire fear!
122.    Learn more, and talk to people.
123.    Attend a demonstration in another city.
124.    Go to a Rainbow Gathering.
125.    Patronize art shows and flea markets, many of these folks don't pay taxes.
126.    Return merchandise to hated corporations.
127.    Buy no music from artists who support or cooperate with Fascism.
128.    Drink foreign alcohol, or make your own.
129.    Grow something.
130.    Develop a non-taxable second income.
131.    Fart in church, if you're a fundamentalist Christian.
132.    Drink only at bars where most people support the Resistance. Make a local pub a political meeting point or hangout. The Green Dragon Tavern spawned the American Revolution.
133.    Organize pro-Resistance sporting events.
134.    Draw political cartoons.
135.    Have a pro-Resistance carwash to raise money, don't advertise it as such. Remove pro-Bush bumperstickers and replace them with Resistance bumperstickers.
136.    Educate angry white men that Bush supports illegal immigration and exports jobs.
137.    Make Bush define "terrorism". Stop using the word until he does. Don't let others use it without defining it.
138.    Become a regular at your local shooting range - talk to people.
139.    Write to political prisoners.
140.    Pay more attention to politics than sports, your life is at stake.
141.    Give money to legal defense funds.
142.    Catch your own fish.
143.    Teach your children that George Bush is evil, and why.
144.    If the authorities clamp down on criticism, organize a campaign where everybody turns each other in. Inundate them with stupid, frivolous criticism calls. They can't arrest everyone and it will waste their time.
145.    Organize Free-Speech rallies where everyone is arrested one by one, like the IWW, until the jails can't hold them anymore.
146.    Stop smoking.
147.    Hold a garage sale, get rid of your surplus stuff - donate the proceeds to a Resistance website.
148.    Vote against any incumbent, even if he helped Aunt Myrtle with her Social Security. Know that casework is a scam pulled by Congress.
149.    Join a food co-op.
150.    Buy Resistance art.
151.    Wear an anti-Bush pin.
152.    Put anti-Bush posters up at work, if you can.
153.    Tell everyone to register and vote... absentee. If the Dems try to run another pod-person like Kerry, then fight like hell.
154.    Take pets and children to safe demonstrations. If you think a demonstration might turn violent, then leave the children but take a pet that discourages physical contact.. a rottweiler, a skunk or a snake.
155.    Stop shopping at WalMart.
156.    Don't use credit.
157.    Have a bake sale, give the proceeds to a Resistance website.
158.    Organize a Clown Brigade. Use humour, guilt and shame as weapons. They don't like to beat clowns, it makes for bad press.
159.    Place crosses along Interstate highways.
160.    Secede from the union. Push for secession in your state, your county, your town, your house.
161.    Design your own flag and fly it.
162.    March a lot, make it a social event.
163.    Pass ideas to as many others as possible.
164.    Write songs and sing them everywhere.
165.    Invent Bush jokes.
166.    Invent Republican jokes.
167.    Read more books.
168.    Buy simple or handcrafted toys for your grandchildren.
169.    Demand that Bush be impeached and stand trial for fraud and war crimes.
170.    Write "Impeach Bush" everywhere.
171.    Convince a kid NOT to join the military.
172.    Convince a military member to get out.
173.    Write a letter of support to a conscientious objector.
174.    Start a discussion group.
175.    Fight back tooth and nail, everything depends upon YOU!
176.    Friends don't let friends be Republicans.
177.    Flip off people with Bush bumperstickers.
178.    Send a package of human shit to your favorite Republican federal prosecutor, judge or politician.
179.    Place political grafitti at Interstate rest areas... walls, maps, restrooms.
180.    Pelt opponents with "bloody" marshmallows (red food coloring).
181.    Speak publicly somewhere.
182.    Always refer to Nov. 2, 2004 as "Black Tuesday".
183.    Never call George Bush "the President", substitute your own word .. dictator, usurper, king, pretender, etc.
184.    If they reinstate the draft be a conscientious objector, also file a 13th amendment lawsuit.
185.    File some lawsuit against the feds for something.
186.    Refuse service to Republicans.
187.    Call Republicans traitors or collaborators.
188.    Intimidate counter-demonstrators, build a thug-factor into your own demonstrations, create fear.
189.    Start a chapter of something, and be a chairperson.
190.    Walk naked, en-masse at demonstrations.
191.    Dress in all black, and say why when asked.
192.    Be seen by George Bush protesting. Be seen personally at least once. Make it a personal goal. Remember that if you are on private property they shouldn't be able to stop you.
193.    Resist arrest, make their job tough.
194.    Getting a criminal record for political resistance is an act of heroism. Be a Hero.
195.    Maintain your privacy in all affairs. Use aliases if necessary, don't be easy to profile.
196.    Meet your neighbors, bring them food.
197.    Laugh out loud when you hear Republican lies.
198.    Send money to INTERNATIONAL (not American) Red Cross.
199.    If you live in SF or NY, make Republicans who visit from elsewhere feel as uncomfortable as possible.
200.    Encourage foreign governments not to cooperate with the Bush Regime.
201.    Make a Bush dummy and flay it with a bull-whip. Charge money for folks to do this.
202.    Tie a Bush dummy to your back bumper and drive around. Back over it once in a while. Remember what happened to Mussolini?
203.    Mail your vomit to deserving politicians.
204.    Call your Congressman daily, yes DAILY! Create jobs in your district, make him hire 50 more people just to answer the phones.
205.    Tie a shrunken Bush-head to your belt.
206.    Get an anti-Fascist tattoo.
207.    Rent "Braveheart" and "The Patriot" and watch them both on the same night.
208.    Find and visit 10 anti-Bush websites that you haven't seen before.
209.    Wear empty cartridge belts in public.
210.    Pass out flowers.
211.    Walk around with red paint on your hands.
212.    Buy natural cosmetics from small manufacturers.
213.    Walk around with a lit lamp in broad daylight.
214.    Don't buy children's books that feature TV or movie characters, don't let relatives buy them for you. Stick to original work, especially Caldecott winners.
215.    Tell your foreign friends to beseech their governments to oppose the Whitehouse.
216.    Ask the military to stage a coup.
217.    Don't let anyone get away with the "soldiers are fighting for your freedom" crap.
218.    Demonstrate with a black mask on, governments hate that. Tell the media that you fear for your safety were your identity known.
219.    Play the media, understand their needs in making a story. Make them work for you, and make news (but don't watch it!).
220.    Make a movie.
221.    Sign up for a public access cable spot, make your own show.
222.    Write an article and try to get it published.
223.    Introduce yourself to your local federal prosecutor. Tell him that you expect him to respect due process, and that you are watching him.
224.    Make a bonfire, use Bush props as fuel.
225.    Urinate on a Bush dummy.
226.    Make a guillotine, behead a Bush dummy publicly.
227.    Tar and feather something (an old American tradition).
228.    Throw red paint filled eggs onto the federal courthouse steps.
229.    Ban the FBI and the CIA.
230.    Ban "secret evidence", "secret arguments" and "secret courts".
231.    Unclassify everything.
232.    Spit your gum out on the sidewalk in front of a federal building...by the thousands.
233.    Teach your dog to bite the postman.
234.    Offer to pay for vasectomies for Rush Limbaugh listeners.
235.    Post Bush's IQ everywhere (95).
236.    Storm the halls of Congress.
237.    Hang your local congressman in effigy. It will get attention, they aren't used to that.
238.    Have an actor play Bush, then have everyone else pelt him with rotten tomatoes in a public place. Pass out pamphlets with website addresses to the crowd.
239.    Get and pass out some Deception Dollars (google it if you don't know what they are).
240.    Cultivate moles.
241.    Write to Diebold and call them traitors.
242.    Offer a reward for anyone who comes forth with evidence of vote fraud involving hacking, someone out there knows something and sooner or later will talk.
243.    Offer a substantial reward to anyone who comes forth with an embarrassing story about Bush.
244.    Bluff.... State that you have a story from one of Bush's old girlfriends when in fact you don't. Make up something outrageously embarrassing. Do the same for all of his minions.
245.    Get Bush and more Bush. Fuck Bush.
246.    Go on strike. Not just at your job... electricity strike, buying strike, cooperation strike. Organize and talk to others.
247.    Fuck coming together. We need a Cultural revolution.... Start one!
248.    Get a junker car, make it a Bush-mobile and smash it. Sell hits for $$, donate the proceeds to a Resistance website.
249.    Carry torches down Pennsylvania Avenue like peasants to a haunted castle.
250.    Hold 24 hour vigils in high profile places. Relieve each other.
251.    Get a booth at a flea market and sell or pass out anti-Bush stuff. Talk to people.
252.    Fast.
253.    Place Bush targets and stickers on urinals.
254.    Share your stories and ideas with everyone.
255.    Buy something used.
256.    Stop thinking you CAN'T!
257.    Do it yourself.
258.    Holler at someone who is part of the problem.
259.    Start a fight.
260.    Less "passive resistance", the Republic is at stake, fight back!
261.    Start a riot. They can't call out the National Guard, they're all in Iraq. If Watts happened today they would panic.
262.    Break something federal.
263.    Stop a machine from running.
264.    Place George Bush's image on a soccer ball.
265.    Be rowdy, act suspicious in groups.
266.    Do not cooperate with federal authorities.
267.    Make your community un-governable.
268.    Give $$ to independent radio... NOT NPR. Give to Pacifica or a community station.
269.    Attract attention, distract and scare them.
270.    Memorize and understand your Constitutional rights.
271.    Read the Federalist Papers.
272.    Chain yourself to something.
273.    Remember Tiananmen Square, stand in front of a tank.
274.    Take pictures of police and federal authorities - they hate that. Carry a camera everywhere. Post and send anything interesting.
275.    They are paranoid, so SCARE them!
276.    Send letters. Send e-mail. Pod-cast.
277.    Break glass, throw bottles.
278.    Never forget Rachel Corrie.
279.    Remember the Million Man March? How about the Million Marble Roll? Coat them in oil and they are harder to pick up.
280.    March with 10 foot poles. It looks intimidating.
281.    Drill publicly and operate in formation during demonstrations. Display organization, it scares them.
282.    Wear combat boots.
283.    Loiter in large groups.
284.    Refuse to be called a consumer. Insist on being called a citizen.
285.    They need your obedience and your money, give them neither.
286.    If intimidated by a conservative goon, get as much personal information on him as possible... ask his name and write it down, take his picture, get his license number, follow him, make harassment expensive. Most of these guys are cowards at heart, scare them!
287.    Work less, fight more.
288.    Pay all government fees in Resistance-stamped currency.
289.    Litter public streets with thousands of pennies.
290.    Memorize the Sermon on the Mount, and frequently point out to Christians how Bush and the Fundamentalists differ from the message.
291.    Demand your country back.
292.    Every piece of concrete is a potential media venue - use it!
293.    Use more fireworks, use them in public spaces.
294.    Find and post the home addresses and phone numbers of famous Republicans.
295.    Play music in public, louder than usual.
296.    Sell food at events/gatherings, donate the proceeds to Resistance websites.
297.    Buy guns... (legal) assault rifles or sniper rifles preferably. Not to USE them mind you, but just so that MILLIONS more of these are in private hands if things get worse. Government thugs fear an armed populace, but they can't reneg on the 2nd amendment for fear of losing their base of support. Exercise your rights! Guns also hold their value (unlike US dollars), so it's a good investment.
298.    Make and sell something.
299.    Talk to strangers.
300.    Make bail for someone.
301.    Let a protester from another city sleep on your couch.
302.    Write a book.
303.    Run for office.
304.    Burn old tires in convenient spots.
305.    Defeat your Congressperson.
306.    Form a posse and make a citizen's arrest. Use secret evidence.
307.    Find a large tree in your city. Name it the "Liberty Tree" and hold rallies around it.
308.    Dump teabags into your local harbour/marina. Make sure every Republican boat-owner sees teabags floating in the water every day. Make jillions of teabags wash up on every public beach.
309.    Make and use a Bush voodoo doll.
310.    Send letters to the home addresses of politicians and judges.
311.    Follow Scalia around, demonstrate wherever he is, make sure he sees you.
312.    Tell soldiers to be on the watch for strange symptoms after they return home from Iraq.
313.    Display inappropriate behaviour.
314.    Play bagpipes or any other loud instrument. Play publicly every sunset or at some other specific time. Make it an event. Have someone pass out flyers.
315.    Stage and post defiant photographs on the internet.
316.    Invent a public ritual.
317.    Write letters to the editor (but don't pay for the newspapers).
318.    Flood the system.
319.    Throw hundreds of pounds of cheap ground beef on federal lawns or in the streets. Either carnivorous birds or rats will eat it, or it will rot and stink. Maybe both. Either way the symbolism works.
320.    Sell hotdogs at public events, and (you know the rest by now...) donate the money to Resistance websites.
321.    Overpay your credit cards. Have a negative balance (ie they owe you money), maintain and extend it. It screws up their accounting, and they hate it.
322.    Harass security guards.
323.    Create a scandal.
324.    Violate deed restrictions.
325.    Pay off your mortgage, have no debt. Overpay when possible and then demand a refund.
326.    Saw the heads off of toy soldiers, or melt them. Place some in the same public place every day.
327.    Express solidarity with shoplifters.
328.    Cut down your own Christmas tree, especially from a landscaped public property.
329.    Lawn paint messages on golf course lawns at night.
330.    Public sex.
331.    Tip over trash cans.
332.    Never answer questions or provide information about yourself. Don't EVER testify against yourself, no matter what kind of threats or promises they give you. Re-read this one three times.
333.    Scream in public.
334.    Abolish the IRS.
335.    Fill out complex government forms improperly.
336.    Apply for federal employment just to waste the time and paper.
337.    Make and use stink devices, butyric acid REALLY stinks.
338.    Tell the Border Patrol it's none of their business.
339.    Smoke Cuban cigars.
340.    Be an outlaw.
341.    Visit countries the government says you're not allowed to.
342.    Disobey orders.
343.    Don't carry or show identification.
344.    Never consent to a search.
345.    Poop in public.
346.    Eliminate "cookies" and other spyware from your computer.
347.    Eat no processed foods or cereals.
348.    Make the government spend a dollar to collect a dime.
349.    Eat your greens (organic).
350.    Make Bush dartboards.
351.    Make Bush punching bags.
352.    Turn in your Republican neighbors for city code violations.
353.    Turn your Republican neighbors in to HRS, SPCA, or anyone else you can think of.
354.    Buy French products.
355.    Call Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson "false prophets" and say why.
356.    Get on Conservative snail-mailing lists and throw the stuff away. Cost them printing and postage, use fake names.
357.    Believe NOTHING the government or MSM says, even if it's plausible.
358.    When on jury duty, vote to acquit just to muck things up.
359.    Be obstinate and impossible. Be outrageous.
360.    Never attend a speech given by a public office holder unless it's to protest.
361.    Hoot and jeer, whenever possible.
362.    Never vote to retain a judge.
363.    Communicate with people abroad. Read the foreign press and write letters.
364.    Send McDonald's fast food coupons to Dick Cheney.
365.    Send a copy of the Bill of Rights to Thomas, Scalia and Rehnquist, tell them to read it.
366.    Send Rumsfeld a pair of children's crutches.
367.    Deck the city in toilet paper when Bush comes to town.
368.    Get arrested for something in Crawford, Texas. If everyone does this once, it will drive them nuts!
369.    Make a shrine at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, for the victims slain by the BATF.
370.    Remember Ruby Ridge.
371.    Remember Kent State. Those National Guard bastards are still walking free in Ohio, and probably voted for George Bush.
372.    See every Resistance movie you can. Show one yourself if the theatre won't, charge admission, donate the proceeds to a Resistance website.
373.    Demand equal protection.
374.    If someone shoots at you, shoot back.
375.    Coordinate movements with text messages or walkie talkies.
376.    Demand anonymous cellphone service (phonecards, pay as you go). It's available everywhere else in the world, why not in the US?
377.    Cause expenses.
378.    Defend yourself.
379.    If you work for the government, steal from your employer.
380.    Hang "Give me liberty or give me death!" banners.
381.    Turn concerts into political events.
382.    Expand the horizons of single-issue activists, enlighten them (do you hear this, PETA?).
383.    Stoop to new lows.
384.    Reach for the stars.
385.    Buy Bush masks and use them often.
386.    Become a regular at your local costume shop.
387.    Be a media event.
388.    Answer questions intelligently and articulately.
389.    Buy handheld boat horns and use them. They are especially good vs. counter demonstrators or to ward off violence.
390.    Carry strange and new weapons (legal ones).
391.    Be the Right's worst nightmare.
392.    Punch out a media whore. Make the talking heads feel unsafe in public.
393.    Make politicians feel unsafe in public.
394.    Go back and forth through security checkpoints, just to keep them busy. Smoke breaks in airports work well for this. Have a legitimate excuse.
395.    Eat beans, America needs the gas.
396.    Give money to Iraqi relief in the same amount that you paid in taxes to cause the damage.
397.    Calculate the federal debt per capita. Print up "bills" and hand them out to everyone you see.
398.    Get petitions signed to impeach Bush. Collect e-mail addresses and keep in touch... organize, organize, organize.
399.    Reject civil marriage, keep it out of the State's hands. Marry anybody and everybody you want.
400.    Release helium-filled condoms that say "Fuck Bush".
401.    Legalize everything.
402.    Don't sleep with anyone who voted for Bush.
403.    Pay close attention to the curriculum in your child's school. Complain about anything inappropriate.
404.    If your child's class writes a letter to Bush, insist that they ask why he bombs children.
405.    Make sure that your child's classroom and library display no photos of Bush. Complain about inaccurate books.
406.    Think about Valley Forge.
407.    Build bridges.
408.    Learn the names of five political prisoners and demand their release.
409.    Congratulate and thank heroes of the Resistance.
410.    Do something creative at your local American Legion or VFW Hall.
411.    Write the Sixth Commandment everywhere... "Thou Shalt Not Kill".
412.    Inadvertently damage merchandise.
413.    Remember Mumia, Leonard, Sherman, Free, Lynne and all of the others.
414.    Throw a dead chicken on the federal courthouse steps for the chickenhawks to eat.
415.    Hang anti-Bush ornaments from public trees.
416.    Colour fountains red.
417.    Float disposable watercraft (innertubes, kid's toys, etc) onto lakes and ponds with anti-Bush placards or messages. They are difficult to retrieve. Anchor them in the center.
418.    Document and publicize every abuse.
419.    Put wolvesbane and garlic around every federal building.
420.     Cast a spell on Bush.
421.    If arrested, give your name as George W. Bush. Confess to fraud and war crimes. Carry no ID and don't change your story no matter what they threaten you with. People who adamantly refuse to give their name are usually released anyway in a couple of days.
422.    Carry syrup of ipecac, vomit on demand.
423.    Apply for food stamps.
424.    Attend Bush events in a ninja suit.
425.    Challenge Congressional authority to make laws. The commerce clause doesn't cover everything!
426.    Get a degree in Law and fight corruption and abuse.
427.    Improve yourself spiritually.
428.    Invent John Kerry jokes.
429.    Make John Kerry sorry he ever ventured into politics.
430.    Excommunicate Texas.
431.    Shun Republicans. Don't let your children associate with them or their kids.
432.    Return postage-paid reply cards en-masse... empty.
433.    Join a country club or bowling league, talk to people about liberty.
434.    Demand that corporate criminals go to prison. Make life difficult for those who haven't.
435.    Never give out your Social security number. Ask an illegal alien to get you a fake one.
436.    Demand records.
437.    Demand pardons for everyone.
438.    Attend town meetings and insist that national issues be discussed. Demand secession from the US.
439.    Be intimidating.
440.    Educate your employees.
441.    Invent your own country.
442.    Take your show on the road.
443.    Sit on a flagpole for peace.
444.    Break world records for peace.
445.    Design your own calendar and use it, invent new months of varying lengths, invent new days of the week and new holidays. Coordinate events according to the new dates so Big Brother has no clue when it's happening.
446.    Stop believing in Authority.
447.    Beat up stool pigeons and shills, shave their heads and denounce them as collaborators.
448.    Be your own boss.
449.    Trade and barter where ever possible.
450.    Cook for other members of the Resistance, share meals.
451.    Buy a drink for anyone who cracks a Bush joke.
452.    Don't eat at places that serve "freedom fries"... unless they really mean it.
453.    Improve your aim.
454.    Form a militia.
455.    Consider the utility of smoke canisters and flares.
456.    Read between the lines.
457.    Think critically.
458.    Share books.
459.    Write poetry.
460.    Refuse to leave when told to do so.
461.    Camp in inappropriate places.
462.    Stand your ground.
463.    Teach your children the difference between celebrities and heroes.
464.    Teach your children about Nobel peace prize winners and nominees.
465.    Die for a good cause.
466.    Live your beliefs.
467.    "Boo" all federal officials as they pass, yes even the mailman.
468.    Convince a federal employee to quit.
469.    Send stale, dry fruitcakes to federal officials.
470.    Forward junkmail to the FBI.
471.    Call your local IRS, BATF, FBI, INS, TSA, FAA, etc etc and ask long lists of stupid questions. Keep them on the phone as long as possible.
472.    Do not be afraid, scare them instead.
473.    Go to a border crossing and watch.
474.    Remind federal employees that they work for you, you do not serve them.
475.    Discuss constitutional law frequently.
476.    Find Condi Rice's ex-lovers at Stanford. See if they'll talk.
477.    Do the same for Karl Rove.
478.    Make a Bush dummy. Fill the head with ground beef. Watch the crows and vermin eat it. Take pictures.
479.    Offer a reward to anyone who will spit on a journalist. Homeless guys will usually go for it, but you have to point the victim out. This should be particularly effective against columnists living in NYC.
480.    Have sex with someone as a reward for getting arrested in a Resistance effort.
481.    Make relevant sidewalk chalk pictures.
482.    Invade Wall Street.
483.    Create a scene.
484.    Stage fake arguments and fights in public areas. Include political themes in the dialogue.
485.    Uncivil disobedience.
486.    Display a collection of Resistance photographs.
487.    Make your address a PO Box.
488.    Refuse drug tests.
489.    Fight, fight, fight.
490.    Deface Clear Channel billboards.
491.    Buy one share of stock in a hated corporation, attend the annual shareholder's meeting and raise holy hell. Bring lots of friends.
492.    Jam Clear Channel radio.
493.    Make your own clothes.
494.    Eat durians in public spaces, you get them at an Asian grocery store (they really stink!).
495.    Make a pilgrimage to Wounded Knee.
496.    Live on an Indian Reservation.
497.    Work for charitable causes, but only through NGOs. NO government sponsored charities ie Peacecorps, Americorps etc.
498.    Deliver something late.
499.    Lose something important.
500.    Apply for political asylum.
501.    Never narc on anyone, no matter what you're threatened with.
502.    Pretend you don't see something.
503.    Give a little guy a break.
504.    Hide someone, be a safehouse.
505.    Know where your national guard armory is. Tell `em what you think.
506.    Inspire hope.
507.    Attend a livestock auction, deposit herds of inexpensive livestock at downtown locales. This is especially good the night before a big event. Chickens are hilarious, and greased pigs are magnificent! Cows block traffic well, but tend to be expensive. Decorate the animals for extra effect.
508.    Large quantities of rotten produce may be obtained at farmer's markets, use it creatively.
509.    Manure is cheap, abundant and effective. Use it in great quantities!
510.    Open fire hydrants.
511.    Offer feen-a-mint(tm) gum to conservatives, for hard cases offer to give them enemas.
512.    Buy NO government debt. Savings bonds, T-bills, Ginnie Maes - cash them out and buy foreign bonds.
513.    Defy gag orders.
514.    Do not register with Selective Service.
515.    Buy a bullhorn and use it. Buy a few and hand `em out.
516.    March with plexiglass shields. Make them big enough to protect your whole body when crouched, with a flat bottom to fit flush against the pavement. Calculate the joules of force generated by a rubber bullet and make sure your shield is strong enough to withstand it. Paint peace signs on the shields.
517.    Listen to old Phil Ochs songs. Play them for others.
518.    Paint snowy hillsides next to roads.
519.    Give the police a reason to arrest you when in large groups - coordinate. For instance, drink beer at a demonstration - the police's authority is undermined if they let you get away with it, yet they can't arrest ALL of you if everybody is doing it. They will try to make someone an example, so expect it, and don't let it scare the rest of you. If they tell you to dump it, refuse. If they ask you to leave, refuse. Be an example.
520.    Take it easy on cities where the cops have been fair (for example, Tampa). Be merciless on cities where the cops have been brutal, for example Oakland. The cops aren't the real enemy anyhow, but rather the unfortunate mediary between you and the government. If the police can't control you, then neither can the government, and Bush knows it.
521.    Feed birds outside a federal building. Anything even vaguely disorderly upsets the poindexters, so upset them! When one person gets hassled have others question it, or join in. Make them feel like they are losing control (they are!).
522.    Carve Resistance messages into pumpkins, light and display prominently.
523.    Get people talking.
524.    Undermine authority, destroy legitimacy, and make them feel helpless.
525.    Walk around with duct tape over your mouth.
526.    Handcuff yourself to a public official. Make a citizen's arrest.
527.    Ride bicycles, slowly, and in large groups through congested downtown areas. If you keep moving you're not blocking traffic.
528.    Chain thoroughfares when necessary, two high security bike locks and a heavy chain should do.
529.    Publicize "secret evidence" and information about "secret trials".
530.    Blow whistles, protect and help others who do.
531.    Be willing to risk losing your job, your home, your freedom, and maybe more.
532.    Build illegal structures.
533.    Fight City Hall.
534.    Disappear.
535.    Reappear where you're not welcome.
536.    Raise Hell.
537.    Make up your own rules.
538.    Steal this list!
539.    Home school.
540.    Bring friends.
541.    Stack concrete blocks in opportune places.
542.    Hang banners from overpasses.
543.    Spike trees.
544.    Plant trees.
545.    Feed the poor.
546.    Throw a party.
547.    Overthrow tyrants.
548.    Hound a collaborator.
549.    Release live crabs in inconvenient places.
550.    Communicate non-verbally when all else fails (courtrooms etc).
551.    Rant.
552.    Learn to live off the land, even in urban settings.
553.    Show mercy, when appropriate.
554.    Send black roses.
555.    Give hideously funny singing telegrams to people in offices that are otherwise inaccessible.
556.    Support mutineers.
557.    Alter road signs.
558.    Skate where it's not allowed.
559.    Hold public "funerals" for Liberty. Give fitting eulogies.
560.    Cast your own feet in a large container of concrete. It will be difficult to arrest or disperse you. Have a plan to get free or be moved.
561.    Vomit at your table in cafeterias that serve federal employees. Make a scene, clear the place. It's not illegal to be sick (see syrup of ipecac).
562.    Always ask to talk to your lawyer. Never admit anything to the cops, even if they have you pegged. Deny everything and ask to see your lawyer. If you don't have a lawyer, pretend you do (you will).
563.    Offer legal services to the Resistance.
564.    Pay for things in pennies.
565.    Duct tape yourselves to each other in large, complex clusters. Scream like hell if anyone is touched by a cop.
566.    Hold demonstrations in shopping malls. Security will be called, and you may be barred, but it gets wide attention fast and keeps them on their toes. Being barred from the premises is pointless if you're from another city.
567.    Politicize everything.
568.    When cornered, say you "don't remember". Then you can always change your story later if you "remember". If it's good enough for Janet Reno, it's good enough for you.
569.    Go way too far!
570.    Shock and amaze!
571.    Dancing and drumming make them nervous.
572.    Let them herd cats.
573.    Get away from this computer and engage the outside world more. Meet people.
574.    Make waves.
575.    Expose lies, and don't let others repeat them uncontested.
576.    Sandbags are as labour intensive to remove as they are to place.
577.    Leak!
578.    Insist that the federal government follow the same rules that it places upon you, especially with regard to lying.
579.    Master fear.
580.    Get people to read blogs.
581.    Hold up signs with easy to read URLs of Resistance websites. Try to get behind a TV journalist.
582.    Never forget.
583.    Pass this list along.
584.    Come up with some tactical ideas of your own, and pass them on to others.

Remember though, this list is for entertainment purposes only! Don't really do this stuff until you check it out with an attorney first...

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