Could I please get a web programmer to help me launch

http://www.FuckYouBillOReilly.com ? (will also be at http://www.FuckYouOReilly.com ... The work-in-progress site is temporarily here until I can get a programmer (and web-designer) to help me:


I have in mind a simple site which links to all the media about the latest O'Reilly abominable statements about the City of San Francisco, including the TV remarks by the head of the S.F. Fire Fighters union ... as well as to historic shots of the city, plus all the Bay Area tourist attractions, including Napa Valley wineries, plus the film offices of Francis Ford Coppola... I don't know, maybe Levi's Jeans, anything that is representative of things that have come out of San Francisco -- from arts to technology .  

Plus maybe a blog (but really there are enough blogs out there... but I just would like a place for ordinary Americans to come listen to what this asshole advocates, and let people comment, pro or con, doesn't matter, just to collect opinions about this kind of terrorist death-wish on Americans -- and on American treasures like the city by the bay.

For sure link to resources like MediaMatters.org and NewsHounds ("we watch fox so that you don't have to"), clips to a whole host of other outrageously un-American things he has said, link to the original showdown between Al Franken and O'Reilly at the L.A. Book Expo in 03 -- which along with Howard Dean launched the public image of fight-back progressives calling him and his minions on their blatant lies.

I'd love to also enable people to record audio clips -- perhaps by dialing into an 800 phone number or some way of being able to record comments ... because audio and tone of voice add so much dimension to ordinary American citizens.

Actually this is an unexpected precursor site to launch a new site called PollMe.TV .... The premise behind that eventual site enterprise is that in the near future, I predict that statistical polling will become less and less relevant in shaping the pulse of American opinion... and that the actual unfiltered voices of ordinary Americans -- using just sound and images -- all records database sortable by state, by city, by demographic, all the usual parameters -- will collectively become a more accurate barometer of how Americans feel about a whole range of issues, candidates, etc.

I believe the day is coming when "averaging" will become replaced by a statistical sampling of actual comments. We'll see... but in the meantime, I would love to hear from anyone who could possibly help design and program this site.

You can email me at:

rh4dean AT yahoo .com

I hope this can get seen by enough people tonight to get some replies. Now back to work on the cover image and a grid of thumbnail images which link to some of the additional content mentioned above.

Thanks much,


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